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Mount Logan

Mountain Madness

Est 1984

21 – 25 Days

4.8/ 5 1 Rating
$ 7,250.00 - $ 9,200.00
Dan 3 Reviews
Epic trip to the world's largest non-polar icecap
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I spent nine days on the expedition before altitude issues forced me to make an early departure. Overall the trip was great and I have no regrets. The guides were exceptional. They used their skill and mountaineering knowledge to keep the team safe as we ascended from the glacier airstrip up the King Trench. I also appreciated the pilots from Icefield Discovery in Silver City, Yukon getting the team on and off the mountain without incident. Any trip to the St. Elias Range is about managing expectations. If you're laser-focused on bagging a summit, you may walk away unhappy from a Mount Logan climb. But if you want to experience soul-enriching solitude, glacier travel on the world's largest non-polar icecap, the camaraderie of a climbing team in the wilderness, and adventure outside the range of cell towers and Instagram, this trip is for you. I would repeat this trip without question.

Mt Logan, Canada

Canada West Mountain School

Experts in Mountain Adventure Since 1982

25  Days

$ 7,850.00