Blake P Nov 18, 2020

The Seven Summits

Why do the mountains compel us so much? Their Beauty, Grandeur, Danger or simply "Because it's there"? There are many explanations but one thing is for sure, if you hear the call, you must climb. People around the world have their different reasons for...

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Ash R Nov 03, 2020

Exclusive Interview: Lukas Furtenbach on Flash Climbing

With working lives busier than ever before, climbers and expeditioners are looking for new ways to cram more adventure into less time. Taking this approach, “Flash Expeditions” have appeared on the offerings of several high-altitude climbing companies...

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Blake P Sep 27, 2020

The Basics of Glacier Travel: Top Tips and Tricks

Ninety nine percent of Earth’s glaciers may sit within ice sheets at the north and south poles, but the remaining one percent are found on mountain ranges spread across six continents.While these perennial masses of ice add to the aesthetics and sense...

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Daniel D Sep 25, 2020

Top Climbing Destinations in Mexico

The end of the climbing season rapidly approaches in the Northern Hemisphere and COVID-19-related travel restrictions remain in place throughout a majority of countries, mountaineering enthusiasts looking for one last late season destination should...

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Blake P Sep 16, 2020

Essential Items To Pack For Your Mountaineering Expedition

After booking your next mountaineering trip and getting into shape to head out into the backcountry, it is imperative that you bring all of the correct gear.Having what you need to climb versus leaving a crucial piece of gear at home could be the...

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Daniel D Sep 12, 2020

Who are IFMGA Guides and Why Should You Hire One?

Heading into the mountains, whether it is for a weekend of hiking or a multi-week mountaineering expedition, comes with some inherent risks. Climatic conditions and the terrain underfoot can change quickly at higher elevations.For these reasons, along...

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Daniel D Sep 04, 2020

A Beginner's Guide to Mountaineering

Few feelings compare to the sublime experience of watching a sunrise from the top of a snow-capped mountain peak.Along with the panoramic view comes a sense of accomplishment as months of training and preparation come to fruition in a single...

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Blake P Sep 01, 2020

10 Late Season Climbing and Trekking Destinations in the Age of COVID

The summer is beginning to wind down in the northern hemisphere and unlike almost every year before, this one has been different. Travel restrictions imposed by COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, have meant that for most of the...

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Blake P Aug 23, 2020

Top Health Benefits of Hiking and Mountain Climbing

There are plenty of reasons to head out on a hiking trip or mountaineering expedition. Both outdoor sports get you right into the heart of the natural world – enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of nature and providing you with the chance to...

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Daniel D Aug 20, 2020

Everest Base Camp Guide: What to Know Before You Go

Ever since Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay reached its summit in 1953, Mount Everest has become a symbol of adventure for outdoor enthusiasts everywhere.While climbing the peak is an extremely challenging and costly endeavour, another way to...

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