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Expedition Preparation Course

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Mt. Everest, Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro,... You are dreaming big, but are still missing the know-how that you need for such an expediton?

In our 5-day expedition preparatory course in the Monte Rosa massif you will learn everything you need to know for the adventure of your life... while experiencing up to 8 stunning mountains of the alps. An experience that leaves you hungry for more!

Expedition preparation in the Monte Rosa Range. Learn and train ice, snow and rock techniques and take along some of the most beautiful four-thousand-meter peaks in the Alps. Here the way is the goal. For all who want to smell expedition air!

The Monte Rosa Range, with its impressive and shapely four-thousand-meter peaks, is ideal for our expedition preparation course. From the sleepy village of Alagna on the Italian side, you can get very close to the glacier by train. Here we have 5 days available to learn everything you need on an expedition. And in passing we collect up to 8 four-thousanders!

Our expedition experienced mountain guides show them the right way to walk on the rope, basic rope techniques, climbing techniques, walking and climbing in the ice, snow and firn, easy rock climbs to the III. Difficulty level, crevasse rescue and self-restraint techniques, building proper tent in the snow and ice, efficient snowmelting and cooking at altitude. Familiar with crampons, pimples, ropes and gas stoves, you'll be able to sniff thin air in one of the highest lofts in Europe - the Capanna Margerita on the 4554m high signal crest - and learn to acclimatize properly.

You benefit from the expedition experience of our mountain guides. They know exactly what is important. The whole thing should not just be expeditionary character with all the hardships of a real expedition. Therefore, we will spend two nights in comfortable beds on managed cabins and two nights in a tent on the glacier. This course is ideal for people who either want to prepare specifically for their first expedition or just want to try out whether they are suitable for an expedition. We offer the course for three fixed dates as a group course with 4 to 6 participants and are happy to run the course as a private package at your individual desired date. The rental equipment is of course included!


  • Experienced guides prepare you for your first expedition
  • The entire programm will be adjusted to the level of fitness of the participants
  • Collect up to 8 four-thousand-meter peaks
  • Stay one night at the highest hut in europe
  • Rental gear is included



The following itinerary is planned: 

Day 1: Meeting point in the morning in Alagna Valsesia, ascent by cable car and short hike to the Mantova hut. Afternoon course program. Overnight stay at the hut.

Day 2: Course program and first summit. Building of basecamp on the glacier. Overnight in a tent.

Day 3: Course program and further four-thousand-metre peaks such as Corno Nero, Balmenhorn and Vincent pyramid. Second night in the tent.

Day 4: Course program and continuous ascent via the two four-thousanders Ludwigshöhe and Parrotspitze to the Signalkupppe at 4554m. Overnight stay at the famous Capanna Margerita hut.

Day 5: On our way down from the Margerita hut we attempt to climb the beautiful Zumsteinspitze before descending to the cable car station and down to Alagna. We end  the course with a delicious Pizza.


  • Entire organisation and coordination of the programme by UIAGM mountain guides
  • Review of the performance of the guests and development of the individually tailored program
  • All guided tours during the 5 days incl. accommodation and meals
  • IFMGA mountain guide
  • 2 nights with half board at the huts
  • 2 nights in a tent with expedition breakfast and dinner
  • Cablecar ticket
  • Rental equipment (tent, cooker, mat, dishes, crampons, ice axe, rope, harness, carabiner, sling and rope material, shovel)
  • Security and guarantee of an Austrian tour operator


  • Journey to Alagna
  • Pre- and Post nights in Alagna
  • Sleepingbag
  • Backpack
  • Hiking boots suitable for crampons
  • Personal clothing
  • Snacks


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