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Great taster weekend
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This trip is a great way to experience a polar expedition and only taking one day off work! You meet in Oslo and travel on a train to Finse giving a decent amount of time to get to know your fellow group. Its then on with the cross country skis and off you go into the darkness! Instruction is pretty limited so you need to be able to just get on with it. It ended up being -25 during the first night so was absolutely freezing and I was glad to be on a taster session rather than having committed to a longer trip! Once the sun was shining the next day thought the cold night was forgotten and we had a really fun day learning different ways to move in cross country skis both up hill and down hill. We didn't travel far from a distance perspective, but had a lot of fun and laughter pulling our pulks across the plateau. There is very little hand holding so we did end up making a few schoolboy errors where we were left to our own devices but that was a great learning experience. Had we stayed another night we would have been able to rectify those mistakes and been far better prepared to survive a night in such cold temperatures! Mark was a fun leader, the trip was well organised and a great way to try something totally different over a weekend.