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Wayne 1 Reviews
Top notch expedition from start to finish
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CTSS and their logistics partner TAG Nepal put on an amazing expedition, all the way from the insulated basecamp tents to the calibre of the climbing Sherpas to the high end oxygen systems. Basecamp was extremely comfortable with padded dining chairs, carpet, and heating, thick mattresses in the personal tents, and then there was the huge chillout tent known as the Big House. For those with extra Dollars an upgrade to exec level tents was possible bringing the comfort level up another notch. Intermediate camp 2 facilities also provided that little bit of comfort, with an insulated dining tent, decent food and a great placement high up in the Western Cwm. The higher camps were as expected, the Sherpas making sure that we wanted for nothing. Accurate weather forecasting ensured we eventually made the summit and as usual the highly qualified Sherpa team were faultless throughout. In my case, requiring a helicopter evac, the guiding team did everything necessary to get me off the mountain and on to Kathmandu for treatment. Wouldn't hesitate to climb with Mike Hamill and CTSS in the future.

Climb Everest – South Col Route

Adventure Peaks

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70  Days

cat-icon Adventure Peaks Ltd, 101 Lake Road, Ambleside, Cumbria LA22 0DB, UK
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Eco Everest Expedition

Asian Trekking

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58  Days

$ 99,999.00
US 2 Reviews
IMG with Expedition Lead Greg Vernovage RULE
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IMG classic Everest trip is THE safe, economical, professional way to climb Mt Everest. Every climber screened by IMG to ensure a good/safe/strong group of climbers, too

Hybrid Everest Climb

IMG (International Mountain Guides)

Climbing the world's great mountains

54 – 60 Days

4.7/ 5 5 Ratings
$ 61,000.00
Llewellyn 1 Reviews
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IMG is the gold standard for climbing Everest. The provide all the resources necessary to summit and get down while at the same time minimizing the risk. The expense of climbing Everest has less to do with getting to the top but having the necessary resources when something goes wrong,. IMG has huge number of resources to deploy in terms of manpower, both Sherpas and Guides, O2, and Experience. This was on clear display in 2015 during the Nepal Earthquake and when I returned and summited in 2019

Jen 2 Reviews
I felt the need to write my review of my successful Everest ...
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I felt the need to write my review of my successful Everest Expedition in 2011 after reading a couple if very poor reviews, painting Tim Mosedale in colours I simply do not recognise. I have been climbing with Tim for many years, starting with Ama Dablam, moving onto ChoOyu, and culminating in summiting Everest with him in 2011. I have always found him an inspiring motivator, an unsurpassed logistician and an extremely trustworthy guide, to the extent that, had Tim not contacted me to ask if I were interested in climbing Everest as his first guided group on that mountain, I probably would never have attempted the climb, since large groups of non-mountaineers with a bucket list didn’t appeal. I put this down to his professionalism and expertise, and I trust him completely. He runs his expedition on different terms to many others, in that he will only take small groups of experienced mountaineers who are unlikely to be a liability to themselves or others on the mountain. His staff are all experienced professionals with many seasons under their belts. His basecamps are well-served, comfortable and fun. Team members are included in decision making, and have a certain autonomy, or as much is as allowed by the flexibility of himself and his team, which leads to a great camaraderie which seemed to be missing from some of the larger commercial groups. If you don’t have the right experience, need to be babied up the mountain, or expect everything to go like clockwork on a fixed itinerary in a way that almost never happens in this kind if environment, Tim may not be the leader for you, but if you have mountain experience, are personally resourceful and want to take ownership of your climb, whilst given all the logistical and emergency backup you might need by a team of very capable professionals (Tim can’t personally be everywhere at once), then I wouldn’t hesitate to join Tim for a very different experience to the Everest Tours that are taking over the mountain.

Mount Everest Expedition

Adventure Alternative

The Responsible Adventure & Trekking Travel Company

64  Days

$ 50,524.20

Mt. Everest South Spring

Asiana Nepal Treks & Expedition

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64  Days

$ 39,999.00 - $ 50,500.00