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Situated in the Upper Dolpa district of northwestern Nepal, the region of Dolpo is composed of four valleys and is sandwiched between the Tibetan border and the Dhaulagiri massif. Dolpo is a remote and incredibly beautiful region of the country, which is extremely popular among trekkers, especially for its traditional Tibetan culture. However, the region is also used as a base for several mountaineering objectives as well. 

Famous Climbs and Treks in Dolpo

Due to the combination of the Dolpo region’s unique cultural heritage and breathtaking natural beauty, the most popular outdoor adventure here is heading on an Upper Dolpo trek. These physically challenging expeditions generally take three weeks and bring hikers in a giant loop through the four valleys of the region. 

Most of the trekking is done at an elevation of 2,500 metres (8,200 feet) or more and includes stops in a number of different villages. Depending on the guide, there are a number of different variations of the route. 

Other popular climbs and treks in Dolpo are:

  • Yak Caravan Trek
  • Lower Dolpo Trek
  • Kanjeralwa
  • Mt Kanjirowa
  • Tripura Hiunchuli
  • Khang Karpo

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Quick Facts about Dolpo

  • The Dolpo region is home to 130 gompas, or Buddhist monasteries, of which the most famous is Shey Gompa. Most trekking circuits will pass by this monastery as well as many others. 
  • The mountains and valleys of the Dolpo region were only opened to tourism in 1989. As a result, much of the region remains largely unexplored by Westerners, making Dolpo one of the world's top off-the-beaten path destinations. 
  • One of the main attractions of trekking in the Dolpo region is getting the chance to see one of the iconic yak caravans traveling between Tibet and Nepal, carrying goods to barter and sell. 

How To Get To Dolpo

Any trip to the Dolpo region begins with a flight into Tribhuvan International Airport (KTM), in Kathmandu. Most guides will opt to meet here and provide transport to the start of the trip, which generally includes a domestic flight to Nepalgunj and drive to one of the villages on the trekking route. 

Useful information about Dolpo

Weather: During the trekking and climbing season, average daily temperatures in the Dolpo region hover between 5 ºC and 10 ºC (40 ºF and 50 ºF). These decrease at higher elevations. The spring and autumn are also the driest times of year in the Dolpo region, with an average of four to six rainy days each month.

Peak Trekking/Climbing Season: March to May, September to November

Currency: Nepalese rupee (NPR)

Language: Tibetan, Nepali

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