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Furtenbach Adventures

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Furtenbach Adventures
20 years of expedition experience and the latest innovations in research, development and technology make Furtenbach the most successful operator on Everest and one of the most innovative adventure operators in the world. Our success rate on Everest of 100% over several years is unmatched and comes with a zero accident record.

What makes us more successful than all other expeditions is our belief that we can only be successful if we always rely on the latest findings from science, medicine and technology. This way we could develop innovations like our customized hypoxic pre-acclimatization program that makes a 3 weeks Everest Flash expedition possible, improved 100% redundant oxygen systems with a flow of 8L/Min, wearable technology for monitoring vital data and the latest heating and insulation technologies that enable us to increase safety, performance and success on the mountain.

With our ambition to make the world’s greatest adventures and highest peaks safer, we have not only revolutionized mountaineering, but have also defined new standards: higher safety, shorter expeditions, better preparation, better equipment, better altitude tactics, and better acclimatization. For the highest chances of success.

In addition to Everest and the Seven Summits, Furtenbach offers premium expeditions to the highest and most famous mountains on earth. From K2 and Nanga Parbat to the Eiger North Face and many more.

We love to climb and explore the mountains around the world. For our freedom and joy, the adventure and the thrill. Unfortunately, mountains are threatened by climate change and overuse. This problem affects us all. We need to reduce our ecological footprint and take care of these natural treasures. It is clearly our responsibility as expedition operators to preserve our mountains for future generations. Today, this commitment is stronger than ever. Our goal: Sustainable expeditions, climate neutral as a minimum standard, Net Zero or true CO2 negative as a target.

Tour operator based in Innsbruck/Austria and Lake Tahoe/USA
Fully licensed mountaineering school
IFMGA/AMGA mountain guides
20 years of expedition experience
Highest quality- and safety Standards
Furtenbach Adventures
Furtenbach Adventures
#flashexpedition #furtenbachadventures
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Furtenbach Adventures
Furtenbach Adventures
#flashexpedition #furtenbachadventures