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K2 Flash™

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Time is a valuable commodity. We are about to change the fundamentals of high-mountain expeditions. For you.

Our Flash expedition cuts the usual 8 weeks for a K2 expedition to only 4 weeks thanks to pre-acclimatization at home. Finally, our proven Flash style is also available for one of the most beautiful, difficult and prestigous mountains on earth. All while increasing safety and chances of success! One of our mountaineers could already climb K2 in Flash expedition style taking only 21 days from/to New York – without supplemental oxygen!

Thanks to our pre-acclimatization at home, we have spared ourselves multiple ascents and descents on the objectively dangerous and technically challenging K2. As soon as the weather is fine, we will start a direct summit attempt via the beautiful normal route on the southeast ridge (Abbruzzensporn). Sherpas and high altitude porters will accompany us and oxygen will be available for each participant. If we are successful, the absolute culmination of every mountaineer’s life awaits us!

We will fly in our proven and experienced Sherpas from Nepal, who will support our Pakistani high altitude porters and insure the route. This is an additional safety factor.

Info for K2

For the K2 you have to be a very experienced mountaineer with eight thousand meter experience. The Abbruzzensporn at K2 is the most difficult normal route on an eight-thousander. We recommend oxygen for the summit day at the latest (this is included in the price). This means that the statistically most accident-prone passage under the Hängeserac after the shoulder and the bottleneck can be climbed much faster and safer both on the ascent and the descent. The fixed ropes in the summit area are only laid during the ascent to the summit. If you want to ascend without oxygen, you can do so, as long as you can prove that you have the appropriate experience and skills.


  • The mountain of all mountains in only 4 weeks
  • Sherpas and oxygen for summit day
  • German/English speaking IFMGA mountain guide
  • high camp equipment

The K2 can also be booked as a double header expedition in combination with the Broad Peak.


Day 1 – 7: Arrival in Islamabad and spectacular hike to K2 base camp.

Day 1: Arrival in Islamabad or meeting point at the Hotel Envoy Continental in IslamabadTag free for the participants during the expedition leader last administrative things with the authorities handles.

Day 2: A flight to Skardu awaits us. Expect beautiful views of the Pakistani mountains. Overnight stay at hotel in Skardu.

Day 3: We spend the day in the small but lively town Skardu at 2300m. The porters are organized, the luggage is loaded and one can make last errands or undertake a hike.

Day 4-7: Shortest possible way from Skardu to the base camp via Gondogoro pass. This usually takes around 4 days. On the last day we arrive at the K2 base camp at Godwin-Austen glacier.

Day 8 – 22: Ascent to the summit of K2

Day 8 – 22: Thanks to the pre-acclimatization at home we will only need around 2 weeks for our K2 ascent. First we refuel, organize material and might take a first acclimatization-rotation. Due to our pre-acclimatization at home, we have spared ourselves multiple ascents and descents passing the objectively dangerous and technically challenging sections, thus increasing the safety. Then we wait for a suitable weather window for a direct ascent attempt over the Abbruzzensporn with 4 high camps. Camp 1 at about 6000m we reach relatively easy over a 40 gad steep firn flank. From there we go through snow gullies and combined terrain to the first key point, the approx. 25m high house chimney insured with fixed ropes. Shortly afterwards we reach camp 2 at 6600m.
The further way to Camp 3 depends strongly on the conditions. Snow flanks, rock passages and combined terrain with individual steep turns change until our southeast spur meets the east ridge (Black Pyramid). From here easier along the east ridge to camp 3 at 7350m. The way from Camp 3 to Camp 4 at 7900m on the shoulder is a technically easy snow ridge and ridge. In Camp 4 you see two things very prominent: the intoxicating panorama on one side and the dangerous Hängeserac with the infamous “Bottleneck” on the other side. This is the most dangerous part of the route.
The bottleneck is the key point for the next summit day and is secured with fixed ropes. From here on at the latest we use oxygen, which allows us to pass this dangerous passage faster and safer both in the ascent and in the descent. About 100m after the bottleneck, the terrain covers itself and the last meters lead over a simple snow slope to the summit. Should the weather allow it, we still have time for a second summit attempt. Also here we recommend to book a rebookable return flight to be able to extend the expedition a few days if necessary or to travel home earlier if we can finish the expedition already earlier successfully.

Day 23-28: Disassembly, return to Islamabad and flight home

Day 23-26: Dismantling of the base camp and return to Skardu via the Gondogoro Pass. Overnight in tent and hotel in Skardu.

Day 27: Flight back to Islamabad. Finally back in civilization, we will enjoy a good nights sleep in nice beds in a hotel in Islamabad.

Day 28: Islamabad or return flight


  • All organisation for the expedition
  • High altitude generator and tent for 7 weeks prior to the Expedition
  • IFMGA mountain guide during the whole expedition
  • 2 nights in an upscale hotel in a very safe quarter of Islamabad in a single room
  • All transfers including transport to/from Skardu by plane or private shuttle (depending on weather) and to/from Askole in all-terrain vehicles
  • Full board for the duration of the whole trip (half board in Islamabad)
  • Drinks during joint meals (alcoholic beverages excluded)
  • Double rooms on stop-overs during our trip to the mountain
  • Porters to the base camp and back (40kg of personal luggage per member)
  • 1 tent per participant at base camp
  • 1 tent per two participants during the approach and for the high camps
  • A mat for the approach and the base camp
  • High camp equipment (tents, stove, gas, dishes, food)
  • All the fixing and safety material for the route
  • Use of the fixed ropes along the route
  • 1 Nepalese Climbing Sherpa per participant
  • Climbing Sherpas for the team
  • Rental oxygen package with a mask, regulator and bottles for the summit push
  • Insurance and equipment for all staff
  • Emergency oxygen
  • Pharmaceutical travel kit, high altitude emergency medicine, pulsoxymeter
  • Kitchen crew
  • A comfortable, heated common tent, shower tent, etc. at base camp
  • Satellite communications and WIFI for a fee and depending on availability
  • Solar charging
  • Additional power generator 2 hours per day etc. at the base camp
  • read more on our website


  • International flight to Islamabad
  • Excess baggage on the flight to/from Skardu in case a flight is possible (20kg + 7kg hand luggage is included, but the costs for excess baggage are manageable and not comparable with European standards)
  • Lunch in Islamabad
  • Personal insurance
  • Visa for Pakistan
  • Personal medication
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Summit bonus for personal summit sherpas
  • Tips
  • Personal mountain and climbing equipment
  • Sleeping bags for the base camp and high camp
  • Fees for satellite phones, emails


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8,611 m / 28,251 ft
35.8815 N°, 76.513 E°