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K2 Expedition

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K2, at 8,611m (28,251ft) above sea level, is the second-highest mountain on Earth, after Mount Everest at 8,849m (29,032ft). It lies in the Karakoram range, partially in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan-administered Kashmir and partially in the China-administered Trans-Karakoram Tract in the Taxkorgan Tajik Autonomous County of Xinjiang. K2 also became popularly known as the Savage Mountain after George Bell—a climber on the 1953 American expedition—told reporters, "It's a savage mountain that tries to kill you." Of the five highest mountains in the world, K2 is the deadliest; approximately one person dies on the mountain for every four who reach the summit. Also occasionally known as Mount Godwin-Austen, other nicknames for K2 are The King of Mountains and The Mountaineers' Mountain, as well as The Mountain of Mountains after prominent Italian climber Reinhold Messner titled his book about K2 the same. Although the summit of Everest is at a higher altitude, K2 is a more difficult and dangerous climb, due in part to its more northern location, where inclement weather is more common. The summit was reached for the first time by the Italian climbers Lino Lacedelli and Achille Compagnoni, on the 1954 Italian expedition led by Ardito Desio.


Day 01: Arrive at Islamabad International Airport, Islamabad
On this Day GPS Data Altitude: 540 m Our guide(s) will receive you from the airport. Soon you will be transferred to hotels. On this day, our participants can relax and recover from their long journey. Pickup information It is easy to spot our guide, holding orange placards with our company’s logo and your name. It would help if you arrived at Islamabad International Airport, Islamabad. International flights normally arrive at midnight or in the afternoon. You must give us the details of your flights, both inbound and outbound at least five days before you arrive in Pakistan. Our staff/guide will receive you at the gates of international arrivals unless you are taking a connecting flight from another city of Pakistan. The guide/staff will transfer you to our partner hotel. In case you do not require airport transfer, please inform us in advance. After lunch and some rest at the hotel (ideally, if you are arriving in the morning between 9 am 12pm), our guide/representative
Day 02: Free day in Islamabad
On this Day GPS Data Altitude: 540 m On this day we will have a briefing from the Department of Tourism regarding the K2 Expedition in Islamabad before travelling to Skardu. After the briefing, we will spend time exploring Islamabad and we will have a taste of traditional Pakistani Food.
Day 03: Fly to Skardu, Karakoram
On this Day GPS Data Altitude: 2,498 m Participants on this morning will take the spectacular flight from Islamabad airport to Skardu airport. You will be able to see Nanga Parbat if clouds allow. After arrival in Skardu, the day is free. The participants can shop around and spend some time in a peaceful valley. It will be a treat before going on to the K2 Expedition.
Day 04: Spend free day in Skardu
On this Day GPS Data Altitude: 2,498 m After breakfast, the participants will walk to Kharpocho Fort in Skardu, which is located up on a mountain. The Kharpocho fort gives a splendid view of the Indus and Skardu towns. The participants will also have the option to take a tour of Sadpara Lake followed by free shopping time in Skardu Bazaar. During sightseeing, our staff will take care of further government documentation required in Skardu. This can sometimes take two days. We have contingency days towards the end of the trek in case of any delays.
Day 05: Drive to Askole village
On this Day GPS Data Altitude: 3,015 m On this day the K2 Expedition will officially kick off as we make our way to the Baltoro Region. The participants will begin the jeep safari towards Daso, the passage will go through the Shigar valley. The journey will be followed on the sides of the Braldu River which extends to Askole. Askole will be the last village on our route; the participants will start walking after leaving the jeeps behind. However, at times the participants may begin their walk before arrival in Askole but it depends on the road conditions. Overall it will take you between six hours to eight hours to cover the distance.
Day 06: Trek from Askole to Jhola via the snout of Biafo Glacier
After completion of the necessary supplies list and equipment, the porters will load up for the trek ahead to Jhola. The valley is the gateway to the Biafo glacier that flows over fifty km from Hispar La to Braldu. The participants will experience the moraine walking as the snout of the glacier is crossed and they will descend to a lunch spot beside the Korofon River. The route will take us to the confluence of rivers of Braldu and Domordo. The former trail is not taken for the trek instead a newer trail will lead us to go upstream where the participants will cross the river by bridge. On the other side of the bridge, the participants will descend to the edge of the Braldu River and will follow the river bank to reach the camp at Jhola.
Day 07: Trek from Jhola to Paiju following the Braldu River
On this Day GPS Data Altitude: 3,418m Time: 6-7 hours On this day of our K2 Expedition, the participants will follow the Braldu gorge, along the bank of the Braldu River. The participants will be able to view the astonishing rocks of Trango Tower and Cathedral Peak. The participants should prevent themselves from possible sunburns and during this day as the walking conditions can be very dry and hot. Several streams from glacier flow down into the valley and on the way the participants will have to use river crossing shoes depending on the water levels. The participants will be able to spot the snout of Baltoro Glacier on a clear day. On this day the participants will end their day by climbing away from the river to camp at Paiju, the last camp where you will see trees until for a while.
Day 08: Acclimatize and rest in Paiju
On this Day GPS Data Altitude: 3,418 m The participants will spend the day at Paiju Camp for acclimatization and rest. However, the porters will take their time to bake themselves bread for next week on the glacier. An acclimatization walk can also be taken towards Paiju Peak base camp on this day. This will be very helpful for the participants before the K2 Expedition as their bodies will acclimatize with the region.
Day 09: Trek from Paiju to Khoburtse
On this Day GPS Data Altitude: 3,788m Time: 5-7 hours On this day of the K2 Expedition, the walking will get tough however the scenery will become amazing with each step taken onto the snout of Baltoro Glacier. The trail has continuous up-and-down climbs on the glacial moraine, although the trail is quite safe it is highly recommended to be careful at all times. The participants will experience the stunning views as they move ahead; the views of Trango Tower and Uli Biaho. The participants are required to go across the glacier to Liligo. From this point, the participants will follow a rocky trail which is along the edge of the Baltoro or sometimes to Khoburtse, the side of the glacier where camp will be made.
Day 10: Cross small glaciers and walk to Urdukus
On this Day GPS Data Altitude: 3,905m Time: 4-6 hours On this day of the K2 Expedition Trango Towers can be eventually seen after coming across two small glaciers. For the following night the participants will make their stop at Urdukas near the army camp. The camp is 100m above the glacier.
Day 11: Trek to Goro II, the junction of the Baltoro glaciers and Young husband
On this Day GPS Data Altitude: 4,285m Time: 6-8 hours On this day of K2 Expedition, the participants will be walking in the middle of the glacier. The medial moraine will be followed, to the south we will get the views of Masherbrum (7821m). The participants will be climbing up and down on the rocky moraine and as the participants move ahead they will walk pass massive ice seracs. This will be the first night stay camp on Baltoro Glacier at Goro II, it is the confluence of Baltoro Glacier and Younghusband. The temperature may drop dramatically. Masherbrum and Muztagh Tower will be uncovered for the sight.
Day 12: Trek to Concordia through a rocky moraine
On this Day GPS Data Altitude: 4,512m Time: 5-7 hours On this day of the K2 Expedition, the participants will reach Concordia after continuously walking up the moraine, on the way more and more high snowcapped peaks will appear, the culmination for the sighting of K2 will be experienced on this day. Other peaks that can be seen include Broad Peak, Mitre Peak, Gasherbrum, Sia Kangri and many more.
Day 13: Trek to K2 Base Camp
On this Day GPS Data GPS Data Altitude: 5,155m Time: 6 hours Today there is the opportunity to walk up the Godwin-Austen glacier just before the K2 Base camp. We will leave early morning, crossing the glaciers onto the faint trail heading towards K2 (there is a faint rocky trail all the way). As we follow the glacier towards K2 the mountain seems to grow bigger and bigger. Broad Peak rears up to our right and after about 3 hours we pass Broad Peak base camp. We usually have our lunch break here and as we continue carry on with K2 towering above us as we get closer and closer. Just before base camp, amongst the boulder and ice strewn landscape is the Art Gilkey Memorial. A short scramble brings us to the place where those whose life K2 claimed are remembered. Plaques and engraved tin plates are attached to a small rocky outcrop at the foot of this great mountain. There are great views directly above us of K2. We will camp here for the night.
Day 14 - 43: Climbing Period (29 Days) Ascent of K2
On this Day GPS Data Altitude: 5,150m Time: 4 weeks We will start our ascend to the mountain on this day and continue our climb during the four weeks duration. We will have contingency days for better weather windows. Apricot Tours Team will set up the base camp for the K2 Expedition and will continue to assist the expedition during the time frame.
Day 44: Trek back to Concordia and rest
On this Day GPS Data Altitude: 4,512m Time: 5-7 hours On this day, we retrace our steps back to Concordia after the successful K2 Expedition.
Day 45: Trek to Ali Camp
On this Day GPS Data Altitude: 4,500m Time: 5-6 hours The participants will set out on a slightly different and less explored route. Short detours will be made to avoid crevasses and the participants should walk on rugged ice rather than slippery ice. In case of snow, the participants and the porters will walk together wearing crampons for safety hooked with rope to each other. The base will be set in Ali camp, where the participants will reach after hiking for 5-6 hours. “Ali Camp” is named after a local porter, who was the first person to cross Gondogoro La Pass.
Day 46: Trek to Khuispang over Gondogoro La
On this Day GPS Data Altitude: 5,585m Time: 5-7 hours On this day the participants will wake up as early as 2 am. After gearing up and having breakfast the participants roped as one uni will depart for the Gondogoro La base. Depending upon the situation our support crew will be there to fix ropes or help the members out with the gears. It takes about 3 hours to get to the top of Gondogoro La Pass. You get to see and experience a breathtaking of all four 8000ers in the Baltoro region. (K2, G1, Broad Peak, G2). While, descending to the other side, fixed ropes will be utilized to the full extent, and the use of crampons is vital for the safety of the members. The members will get the views of the beautiful and sword head-shaped Laila Peak (6,096m) and one can also have the views of other trinity peaks. The members will have to be extra careful while descending and watch out for every step they take to avoid jolting stones on their team members.
Day 47: Trek to Saicho
On this Day GPS Data Altitude: 3,350m trek Time: 5-7 hours trek The participants will continue hiking down, Since the hike downwards would be comparatively easy the climbing equipment i.e. ropes, and crampons will be packed while descending. The mountainous and rocky terrain will be taken over the lush green landscapes of Hushe Valley. After lunch, the participants will continue hiking to the edge of the Gondogoro Glacier, upon reaching the edge they will find a trail which will lead them to the beautiful valley of rhubarb and grass. At the end of the valley, there are 02 different routes to the destination. Our guide with the consent of local porters will decide the trails they are being frequently used. The trek gets easy when the two trails meet. The members will see the huts made of stones by herders and local settlers.
Day 48: Trek to Hushe and drive to Skardu Town
On this day the participants have to trek down for only 3-4 hours, the river stream of glacier-melted water of Charakusa, Ailling, Masherbrum and Gondogoro Glaciers. The participants will start to the signs of residences, shelters, files, and signs of people living. The participants will experience the 02 storey shelters of the Hushe village, where the ground floor is for cattle and the first floor is for the family to live. After setting up the camp the participants can explore the beautiful hushe valley and interact with the locals. This would be the last camping day of the Gondogoro La Trek. Upon reaching Hushe, the participants will depart for Skardu town from Hushe and the journey offers a lot of beautiful scenes of the different small village of the Hushe Valley. The participants will cross a suspension bridge above Shyok River (which flows from Ladakh, India) to get to the other side.
Day 49: Debriefing at Skardu
On this Day GPS Data Altitude: 2,288m On this day the participants will have a debriefing from the Department of Tourism after the completion of the K2 Expedition. After the debriefing, the participants can rest and have a peaceful time around the valley.
Day 50: Fly to Islamabad
On this Day GPS Data Altitude: 538m On this day the participants will take a flight from the airport in Skardu to Islamabad airport. You will have a good time to relax at the hotel in Islamabad. Domestic flights sometimes get canceled due to weather conditions. In case of flight cancellation, you will drive to Chilas for overnight. It takes eight to ten hours by a vehicle.
Day 51: Contingency day for flight cancellation
This day is allocated for any potential delays in case the domestic flight does not operate the previous day. Our guests will depart early morning from Chilas to Islamabad which can take up to ten hours. However, it will be a free day in case the participants make it to Islamabad on the domestic flight. This time can be utilized to sign the final paperwork and sightseeing.
Day 52: Fly to home country
On this Day Meals included: Breakfast Our staff will transfer all our guests to the airport on their respective departure timings. The checkout time of all our partner hotels is 12pm.


What's Included in Full-board Service?

*inclusions are given below

  1. High Altitude Climbing Leader/Sherpa hired from Nepal(Contact Us)
  2. Rope fixing team of Sherpas hired from Nepal (contact us) according to the composition below.No of ParticipantsLeaderSherpas7 pax138-13 pax1414 - 18 pax15No of ParticipantsLeaderSherpas
  3. Lodging above base camp
  4. Group climbing gear/equipment (tent, rope, ice crew, snow-bar, EPI gas, cooking pots, stoves, gas, etc)
  5. Meals above base camp during climb ((high altitude food/snacks)
  6. All meals during trek to base camp and at base-camp (B,L,D)
  7. Four (4) nights stay in Islamabad hotel on arrival and two on return (bed & breakfast only)
  8. Lodging at base camp (single supplement)
  9. Full base camp with dinning tent, bathroom, showers & solar charge
  10. All internal/domestic transport
  11. All domestic flights
  12. 65kgs (110 lbs) personal baggage
  13. Permit & royalty fee
  14. Liason officer(s) - equipment fee and allowance
  15. Group emergency equipment/satellite phone service with fixed calling charge
  16. Staff insurance (guide, cook, kitchen staff, assistant(s) & porters etc)
  17. Experienced cook from Pakistan
  18. Kitchen staff
  19. Porters for all expedition supplies
  20. Solar power at base camp
  21. Electricity generator (backup for high voltage devices)
  22. Communication radio (walkie talkie)
  23. Weather reports from European sources


What's not Included in both Base Camp Service & Full-Board Service?

Personal climbing Sherpa - USD 12, 944 (includes wages, kit allowance, royalty fee, return flight fares from Nepal, meals in Pakistan, oxygen cyclinders & mask/regulator for climb, accommodation, etc)
Supplemental Oxygen for climbers (4 cylinders recommended) - Prices given below.

Oxygen Cylinders Brand New Used/Old
1 Large 4litres Russian cylinder US$990 US$650
2 Large 4litres Russian cylinder US$1,980 US$1,300
3 Large 4litres Russian cylinder US$2,790 US$1,950
4 Large 4litres Russian cylinder US$3,960 US$2,600
5 Large 4litres Russian cylinder US$4,950 US$3,250
6 Large 4litres Russian cylinder US$5,940 US$3,900
Oxygen set for climber - includes regulator, mask, hoses, carriage to high camps - USD 980
Summit bonus for personal Sherpa of US$ 1500
International airfare
Personal climbing equipment for any 8,000m peak, clothing & sleeping equipment
Mountain climbing rescue and evacuation insurance policy - mandatory
Personal equipment cargo to/from Islamabad
Pakistan visa fee
Tips/gratuities to staff, cook, assistant(s) of US$ 490 in total
Meals in Islamabad
Extra hotel nights after the climb
Trip cancellation insurance
All expenses incurred in the event of early wind-up/summit (extra hotel nights, meals at hotels, evacuation)
Charges incurred due to delays beyond the control of Apricot Tours (Force majeur


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Asiana Nepal Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd.
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Asiana Nepal Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd.
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