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China is the most populated country in the world - around 1.4 billion people reside here. China hosts an abundance of breathtaking scenery over its diverse landscape, from sand dunes which go on for miles to huge mountains including the Himalayas. The Himalayas rise up from the Tibetian Plateau.

Famous Mountains in China

The most popular mountain in China is Mount Everest (Everest North Side is located in Tibet). Other mountains which are available for climbing expeditions include:


Quick Facts about China/Tibet

  • 47% of the world’s population depends on Tibet for a fresh flow of water.
  • A staggering one-third of China’s land is made up of mountains!
  • China has the largest altitude difference on Earth. Mount Everest sits 8,848m above sea level, but Ayding Lake sits 154m below sea level.

How To Get To Tibet

There are many ways to get to Tibet. Most travellers fly from either Kathmandu or other Chinese cities to reach Lhasa (the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region).

What To Expect in China

Weather: The north of China typically has hot summers and cold winters, both with lots of rainfall. The south, however, will have tropical summers and slightly cooler winters.

Peak Trekking Season: June-September

Currency: Yuan

Language: Mandarin

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China / Tibet