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Climbers & Trekkers

You’re a climber and you want to find the best guide for your next adventure. Maybe you want to compare prices, check guide ratings and read reviews before choosing your next expedition. Simply sign-up for free and start browsing. If you have been on guided expeditions before we would love to hear about it. Just click on the ‘Submit Review’ button on any exped and give us your two cents. Can’t find your exped? No problem, quickly add it by clicking on the ‘Add Exped’ button. We hope you enjoy exploring our site and the world!

Guiding Companies

You’re a guide and you want to be featured on our site? Simply sign up for FREE and claim any already existing expeditions we have for you or add and manage new expeditions from your personalised dashboard. Take advantage of advanced analytics where you can get detailed analysis on your exped listing’s performance and enagage with your customers directly. With many more features coming soon, this will be your one stop hub for managing communications with your customers and potential clients.

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