Our Team

The team at Expedreview are avid trekkers, hillwalkers, climbers, skiers, snowboarders, paragliders and all-round outdoors-people. We are clients who have been on numerous guided expeditions all over the world and also led a few days in the mountains ourselves. We understand how difficult it can be to research all the options out there. We created this platform to simplify the process of selecting the right guide for your next adventure.

Our Features
Quality content

We use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to identify and remove fake reviews. We verify all user reviews.


We are climbers. When we are not maintaining Expedreview, we are up a hill somewhere.


We are part of the climbing community and want to ensure every voice is heard.


The aim of Expedreview is to ensure clients find the best and safest guides available.

blake penson

Expedreview is made by climbers and trekkers for climbers and trekkers. We feel that with expeditions being so costly, time consuming and potentially hazardous, there is a need for a dedicated site for clients to rate and review their expedition experiences. With so many guiding companies out there we want to ensure that the best of the best shine and quality and safety remain paramount.

Blake Penson,

Expedreview Founder, Everest Summiteer, Seven Summits climber