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Mont Blanc 6 Day program

Mont Blanc Guides

The Mont Blanc Specialists

6  Days

5.0/ 5 1 Rating
$ 2,782.33
Blake 8 Reviews
Excellent experience from start to finish
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I climbed with John and his team in 2008. It was my first time in the mountains and I did not know what to expect but the whole experience was perfect from start to finish. So good in fact it ignited a career of climbing which has seen me go to the top of Everest 9 years later. I have such fond memories of this well run, professional and enjoyable exped that I plan to go back and do it again sometime. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Mont Blanc Climb

Adventure Consultants

High Altitude Expeditions

5  Days

$ 2,900.73 - $ 4,724.04

Mont Blanc Ascent

World Expeditions

Unique adventure holidays

8  Days

$ 3,253.00

Classic Haute Route with Mountain Tracks

Mountain Tracks

Follow Trails Not Roads

8 – 13 Days

1.8/ 5 1 Rating
$ 2,060.18
Emily 1 Reviews
Disappointing trip with Mountain Tracks
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Went for a trek with Moutain tracks to the alps via the Haute Route with guide Matt Dickinson. Have told the guide and company that we had no alpine experience and climbing , and our experience were mainly trekking. We were told that it was okay to join the trek and it was suitable for beginners with no alpine experience. We were joined with two others who were more experienced. During the trek on the second day, the guide discouraged one of us to head down to the hut to take public transport down to the next hut with reasons citing that one of us were too slow. As we had no climbing nor scrambling experience, we would have been expected to be slow as more care should have been taken. However, the guide disregarded the fact and in fact was walking at faster pace, together with the two other clients, which made us felt that he has no regards to our safety. On the last two day of the trek, he once again discouraged us from going to the climb to Bertol hut, citing that we would not enjoy it etc, which made us felt unwelcome for the trip. We made the decision to end the trip at the moment as we felt that the guide had no interest in guiding us to the end point, but rather wants to end the trek as quickly, and we felt that our safety might be compromised. Very disappointed in this trip. Beisdes that, during the trip, the guide was more interested in sharing his accomplishments rather than giving briefing on the trek and next day itinerary.

Mont Blanc Goûter Route

Peaks Hunter

Mountain Guides

2  Days

$ 828.78 - $ 1,479.96