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Mt. Everest 8848m Expedition Nepal (South) Side Spring 2020 FULL BOARD up to SUMMIT SERVICE

  • Full Board up to (TOP) Summit Service Cost: US $ 39,999/- per person (Individually)
  • Date: 01 April 2019 to 03 June 2020. 64 days in Nepal.
  • New Flexible Date Option: arrive anytime at your convenience during April or May.
  • Experienced leader: LUCY M RIERA, from Angamarca, Cotopaxi, Ecuador expeditions, friendly, good mountain skills, well organized.
  • Full Board up to Summit Services Price Included: Leader LUCY M RIERA, expert  Climbing (Guide) Sherpas, climb permits, oxygen, internal flights, hotels, trek costs, base camp, high camps, tents (individual BC tent per member), expedition costs, meals & food, climb equipment, ropes & icefall fees, radios, internet, international phone, movies in base camp, etc.
  • Cross the massive Khumbu Glacier Icefall. Clip to well-fixed ropes on solid ladders over crevasses.

Mount Everest is universally known as the highest mountain the world is also known as Quomolungma (the Mother Goddess of Earth) in Tibetan and Sagarmatha in Nepali rises to 8,848 meter / 29,028 feet above the sea level is located on the Sagarmatha Zone, Nepal – Tibet, China border. To climb the Everest is the dream of virtually every mountaineer. We take the Everest Climb expedition very seriously to make it a grand success and we are again going to organize the Everest Expedition in 2014 during pre-monsoon season under the management of Asiana Nepal Treks & Expedition, a veteran Everest climber (9 times Everest climb) who has very long career in climbing history from 1974 continuing till to-date setting many mountaineering records. He has probably the longest climbing career in mountaineering history.

About the early climbing history of Everest Expedition, it was the British who began the primary exploration of Everest in the 1920s, and the real Everest expeditionary period on the South side began in 1950 with the opening of Nepal to foreign expeditions for outside world. After several attempts by many people, finally the first successful ascent of Everest was in 1953 by Edmund Hillary, New Zeland and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa, Nepal has been considered one of the greatest achievements in Mountaineering. These climbers ascended through to the South Col from the Khumbu Glacier and continued their ascent to the summit via the South East Ridge. Their route is now referred to as the Normal South Col route and will be also be the route that Mountain Climb uses every year. This route also offers the greater chance of success. Having organized Everest expedition many times and climbed this mountain ourselves several times we take the Everest expedition seriously and we know the exact logistics involved to make the Everest expedition a grand success with professionally led strong team of Climbing Sherpas and modern expedition equipment’s.

Regarding the elevation / height of Everest, the great Trigonometric survey of India began by the British in 1902 to determine the location and names of the world’s highest mountains and the survery was further continued by Andrew Waugh, the British Surveyor General of India, who considered Kangchenjunga to be the highest mountain in the world, but the observation was further carried out by James Nicolson in 1949 using theodolite. Kangchenjunga (or Peak IX) was considered to be the world’s highest mountain until 1847, whereas Everest (or Peak XV) was still under further survey. And an Indian mathematician using trigonometric calculations based on James Nicolson’s previous measurements considered Everest as the world’s highest mountain

Everest was named after the Surveyor General of India Colonel Sir George Everest and the Royal Geographical Society officially adopted name as Mount Everest in 1865. Other official names for Everest are Sagarmatha in Nepal named by a Nepalese poet ChakrapaniChalise and Quomolungma in Tibetan, and Zhumulangmafor Chinese.

For the Everest Climb Expedition we set up 4 camps above Everest Base camp (5300m / 17,388ft) for the summit

Base Camp – Camp 2 (6,400 m / 20997ft.)

Camp 2 – Camp 3 (7,400 m / 24278ft.)

Camp 3 – Camp 4 or South Col (7,900m / 25918ft)

Camp 4 – Everest Summit (8,848m / 29,028ft)

We have noted some probable points related to Everest Climb South side expedition whether they might help you:

Length of Mount Everest Climbing expedition

Everest Expedition total duration is 64 days (Kathmandu to Kathmandu), this duration is planned for the overall expedition such including administrative formalities, approach to/from Base Camp, acclimatization at Base camp, and above Base camp for the summit attempt etc….The daily waling /climbing / ascent duration depends on each camp basis, such as during approach to Base camp an average walking duration is 5-6, whereas from Base camp to Camp III is about the same duration and from Camp III to South Col is about 7+ hours whereas from South Col to the summit is 9+ hours depending on each climber. The above average duration is just generalized, but the actual climbing duration depends on each climber.

Administrative Formality / Climbing permit

There are quite lot of government formalities for obtaining the Everest Climbing permit, and as a professional Everest Expedition organizer company we take every administrative formalities for Clibming Everest seriously so that the member / client could enjoy a hassle free Everest Climbing. We process the climbing permits 3 months in advance, therefore you are requested to send the relevant documents (please print them, fill up, scan them & send us by e-mail along with a scan passport photograph):

Visa for Nepal

All visitors except the Indian nationals must valid visa passport. Visa can be obtained at the Nepalese diplomatic missions and consulates abroad. Visa is also issued at the entry points such as at Kathmandu airport or other entry points to Nepal. It can be extended at the Department of Immigration, Kalikaesthan, Kathmandu.

Children under 10 years need not pay any visa fee. People willing to get entry Visa at the airport or any of the land entry points are required to fill a visa form with passport photograph. So, please download form from the link below (visa form) and get ready while you are passing through the immigration Point for quick access.


Gratis visa for 30 days available only for tourists of SAARC countries (India, Maldives, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Pakistan)

Multiple entry 15 days – US$ 25 or equivalent convertible currency

Multiple entry 30 days – US$ 40 or equivalent convertible currency

Multiple entry 90 days – US$ 100 or equivalent convertible currency

Tourist Visa Extension

* Visa extension fee for 15 days or less is US $ 30 or equivalent convertible currency and visa extension fee for more than 15 days is US$ 2 per day

* Tourist visa can be extended for a maximum period of 150 days in a single visa year (January – December).

For Everest Expedition you need a visa valid for 90 days paying the applicable fee as mentioned above.

Difficulty of the Everest Climb

This is another major question frequently asked. And the answer to this is rather simple; the difficulty of any mountaineering depends on your previous climbing experience, physical fitness, mental preparedness etc… Everest Climbing is of course difficult not from technical part but due to its harsh weather conditions, high altitudes. There will be fixed ropes from the Khumbu Icefall to the summit for climb, so if you are bit careful about using your personal equipments such as you must not forget to cliff on your safety karabiners on fixed lines, step up your crampons carefully etc, the climb is not difficult, but for altitudinal adaptation, though the expedition is well planned in terms of proper acclimatization, at the same time it is important that you must have at least previous climbing / mountaineering experience, properly acclimatized for Everest climb and proper use of technical gears such as crampons, jumar, ice-axe etc., It is also advised that you do physical exercises by running, long walking, cardio vascular exercises and have general check up with your doctor before coming on the Everest expedition.

At an Emergency

ASIANA NEPAL TREKS & EXPEDITION prides itself on being prepared for any emergency situation. Our guides / Sirdars are trained in first aid and can deal with most of the basic ailments that are associated with the Everest expedition / mountaineering. When a serious emergency does occur, then outside help is needed and such rescues are expensive therefore every climber should have his or her own insurance arranged before coming to Nepal. It is advised that you buy the Insurance Policy right from the home Country through a reliable Insurance company covering medical, accidental and rescue evacuation. Please ensure with your insurance company whether they really cover the risk for such high altitude mountaineering expeditions such as for Everest Expedition (8848m / 29,028ft).

Food safety & the types of food

Food safety to keep our expedition members is always a priority for us; therefore we brief you about the food safety before departure on an expedition. All food we take for Base camp use are freshly bought from the market, properly checked the date validity or freshness before dispatch to Lukla and all our cooks and kitchen staffs are trained in cooking varieties of hygienically prepared foods and good taste.

During approach to / from Base camp you will have your breakfast and dinner at your teahouse. We stop for lunch at one of the various trailside restaurants. And snacks are always easy to find. During your stay at Base Camp our well trained and experienced cook will prepare fresh and tasty meals and snacks. We will have plenty of food including the traditional Nepali meal Dal Bhat (rice, curry, and lentils), noodles, rice, potatoes, vegetables and soup and Nepalese versions of western food such as pizza and French fries too. There will be also various types of snacks such as biscuits, chocolates, nuts etc also special cakes prepared by our cook with plenty of drinks such as tea, hot chocolates, coffee, juice etc… And for the Full board expedition service food for higher camps above base camp will be various types of light / energy foods such as chocolate bars, dry fruits, biscuits, tea, coffee, sugar, whole meal packed food etc….

Drinking water during Everest expedition

During approach from Lukla to Everest Base camp and Back to Lukla all teahouses have boiled water that is quite safe to drink. Your guide will provide you with all the water you need during your trek to Base Camp, though you may also buy bottled water on the trail, but we do not encourage much on this as the plastic bottles are difficult to dispose off and have become an environmental problem. During your stay at Base camp the water source is either from a small stream or ice melting that our cooks boil and 100% safe to drink or cooking. Above Base camp in the mountains the water source is from snow melting which is safe for drinking as well.

Equipment you should bring

Choosing the right equipment is very important especially for Everest climbing. All group climbing equipments such as ropes, tents, snow bars, ice-screws, shovel, cooking pots are provided from Asiana Nepal Treks & Expedition for full board expedition service, whereas you (climbing members) need to have enough personal clothes to stay warm and good gears for climbing or cool yet not over packed. Usually you will have warm days and very cold nights. Detailed information about the personal gear are available on request or briefly explained about the gear list section of the page.

Extra money to bring

Without knowing your proper service selection of the expedition either Full Board expedition service, Base camp service or any other services, it is next to impossible to justify the correct amount you would need to bring, but there will be always only little money that you can bring for personal expenses such as souvenirs, drinks, personal equipment etc… Therefore, we advise you on this after your chosen expedition service.

Experience of our guides / staffs

ASIANA NEPAL TREKS & EXPEDITION has some of the most dependable and experienced guides / Climbing Sherpas. All of our guides / Climbing Sherpas have spent years climbing mountains and Everest Climbing experience with many times to the Summit, so you can be confident in our staffs.

Accommodations & toilet facility

We provide a single room accommodation for Everest expedition members in Kathmandu in 4 star hotels. During your approach to/from Lukla – Everest Base camp you need to share room with other people as there are no single room facility in lodges. At Base camp you will be provided a single tent with thick mattress and pillow to make your sleep comfortable and at Camp I and above to South Col, you need to share tent with another member which will be also warmer. There will be also a separate toilet and shower tent facility at Base Camp.

Environmental Responsibility

Our approach is to raise environmental awareness among Climbers making the Everest expedition an Eco-Everest expedition. We also give information to our valued clients on how to minimize maximum damage on the environment. We clean up and bring all our garbage back from Everest Base Camp and from the mountain as far as possible produced during our Everest expedition. Yearly we invest 3% of our net profit for the above purpose and furthermore, in participating in various social works in Nepal. We always heartily welcome your comments and suggestions for a better way to serve our customers, environmentally and naturally friendly way.

Trip Facts

Everest Climb-South Side
World’s highest mountain

Elevation: 8848m / 29028ft.
27°59′ 17” N – 86° 55′ 31”E,    located on the Sagarmatha Zone, Nepal – Tibet, China border
Activity: Mountaineering expedition
Grade: 5 (needs high level of physical fitness & climbing experience at least above 7000m)
Duration: 64 days
Where is Mount Everest:
Located on the Sagarmatha Zone, Nepal – Tibet, China border
First Ascent: Tenzing Norgay Sherpa & Sir Edmund Hillary on May 29th 1953.
Mount Everest known by other names: Peak XV, Sagarmatha, Quomolungma, Zhumulangma
Our own first climbing of the mountain: 1992, International team
Listing: Highest Mountain in the world, seven summits, Eight-thousander
Climbing Camps:  4 camps above Everest Base camp (5300m / 17,388ft) for the summit:
Base Camp – Camp 1 (5943m / 19,500ft)
Camp 1-Camp 2
(6,400 m / 20997ft.)
Camp 2 – Camp 3 (7,400 m / 24278ft.)
Camp 3 – Camp 4 or South Col (7,900m / 25918ft)
Camp 4 – Everest Summit (8,848m / 29,028ft)


Cost and Fixed Departure Date Mt. Everest 8848m Expedition 2020

Days Spring Outlined Itinerary Overnight
1 1-Apr Arrive Kathmandu, welcome by our representative & transfer to hotel. Hotel
2 2-Apr At leisure in Kathmandu / Last minute preparation/Administrative formalities. Hotel
3 3-Apr At leisure in Kathmandu / Last minute preparation/Administrative formalities. Hotel
4 4-Apr Early morning flight from Kathmandu to Lukla (2840m) and trek to Phakding (2652m). Lodge
5 5-Apr Trek to Namche Bazaar (3445m). Lodge
6 6-Apr Acclimatization day in Namche Bazaar (3445m). Lodge
7 7-Apr Trek to Tyangboche (3,867m). Lodge
8 8-Apr Trek via Pangboche to Dingboche (4400m). Lodge
9 9-Apr Rest day at Dingboche. Lodge
10 10-Apr Trek to Lobuche (4,912m). Lodge
11 11-Apr Trek to Everest Base Camp (5300m). Camp
12 12-Apr Climb Mt. Everest (8848m / 29028ft.) using 4 camps above Base Camp. Camp
13 13-Apr Everest Climbing Camp
14 14-Apr Everest Climbing Camp
15 15-Apr Everest Climbing Camp
16 16-Apr Everest Climbing Camp
17 17-Apr Everest Climbing Camp
18 18-Apr Everest Climbing Camp
19 19-Apr Everest Climbing Camp
20 20-Apr Everest Climbing Camp
21 21-Apr Everest Climbing Camp
22 22-Apr Everest Climbing Camp
23 23-Apr Everest Climbing Camp
24 24-Apr Everest Climbing Camp
25 25-Apr Everest Climbing Camp
26 26-Apr Everest Climbing Camp
27 27-Apr Everest Climbing Camp
28 28-Apr Everest Climbing Camp
29 29-Apr Everest Climbing Camp
30 30-Apr Everest Climbing Camp
31 1-May Everest Climbing Camp
32 2-May Everest Climbing Camp
33 3-May Everest Climbing Camp
34 4-May Everest Climbing Camp
35 5-May Everest Climbing Camp
36 6-May Everest Climbing Camp
37 7-May Everest Climbing Camp
38 8-May Everest Climbing Camp
39 9-May Everest Climbing Camp
40 10-May Everest Climbing Camp
41 11-May Everest Climbing Camp
42 12-May Everest Climbing Camp
43 13-May Everest Climbing Camp
44 14-May Everest Climbing Camp
45 15-May Everest Climbing Camp
46 16-May Everest Climbing Camp
47 17-May Everest Climbing Camp
48 18-May Everest Climbing Camp
49 19-May Everest Climbing Camp
50 20-May Everest Climbing Camp
51 21-May Everest Climbing Camp
52 22-May Everest Climbing Camp
53 23-May Everest Climbing Camp
54 24-May Everest Climbing Camp
55 25-May Everest Climbing Camp
56 26-May Everest Climbing Camp
57 27-May Everest Climbing Camp
58 28-May Cleaning up Base Camp (5300m) Camp
59 29-May Return trek to Pangboche (4000m). Lodge
60 30-May Trek to Namche Bazaar (3445m). Lodge
61 31-May Trek to Lukla (2840m). Lodge
62 1-Jun Fly Lukla/Kathmandu & transfer to hotel. Lodge
63 2-Jun At leisure in Kathmandu. Hotel
64 3-Jun Transfer from your hotel to airport for on ward International departure. // // //

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Asiana Nepal Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. is the leading mountaineering adventure expedition travel and trekking and trekking peak climb organizing company based in South Asia Kathmandu Nepal serving wonders of Nature and Culture of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, India, Darjeeling, Sikkim and Ladakh. More than two decades of experience in the field of Travel and Tourism service’s industries and the nature as well as impeccable hospitality while serving travelers across the globe are the proof of our mettle towards helping realize the wilderness holiday adventure dream. The mountaineering expedition, trekking peak climbing, trekking in Nepal, tour in Nepal and Tibet, wildlife Jungle safari, White Water Rafting, Mountain Biking, Helicopter tour in Nepal, Heritage Pilgrimage tour, adventure tour in Nepal and other unlimited off the beaten packages have made our company Asiana Nepal Treks & Expedition your trustworthy travel companion in Nepal. Join our once company for your next holiday in Nepal, you will become more than just our guests. We don’t sell travel packages rather we help you create memory so that you could share the travel memory tale for generations to come. Asiana Nepal Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. is a legally registered company actively involved in providing enriching experiences of the lifetime to the adventurers and traveler from all over the world. With the dedication for a complete and meaningful adventure in this land of Himalayas. With specialization in small groups and handling of all issues related to logistics, we make sure that the clients trek at the pace of their choice. We also make sure that you can focus on your areas of interest including the need to explore several aspects of Nepalese lifestyle, culture, tradition as well as landscape, wildlife, flora, and fauna. Your desire we provide. You’ll just love the experience of trekking in the mountains of Nepal which is all exhilarating, beautiful, challenging and serene. As the saying goes “The best view comes after the hardest climb”, you shall encounter some challenges during the trek into the remote areas in the form of altitude and elevation. We would like to assure you that our knowledge of the environment and altitude related problems and the experience related to these challenges comes handy at the hour of need. Our guides are the expertise in handling the challenges such as Frostbite, Altitude Sickness, and other diseases while trekking in the Himalayas. We always set your safety as our priority. Be it the case of immediately rescue or other difficulties you face during the trek, we always stand by your side. Be assured of that. You will always find some listening ears in our team of professional who makes sure to understand your need in the same sense you want to get in conveyed. We are committed to the philosophy of listening to our clients carefully, working closely with them and satisfy their needs and fulfill their needs. We are 8000m climbing Alpines groups. We have fixed departures and confirmed group to Mt. Everest Expedition 8,848m Spring both Nepal and Tibet side, Mt. Cho-Oyu Expedition 8,201m spring both Nepal and Tibet side, Mt. Shisapangma Expedition 8012m, Mt. Dhaulagiri Expedition, Mt. Manaslu Expedition, Mt. Amadablam Expedition and many more fixed departures and confirmed groups with us this year 2018. If any interested trekker, trekking peak and adventure mountaineering expedition climbers who want to climb mountain please join with Asiana Nepal Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. and more information on our personalized services please contact us. And get yourself professional service, assurance of safety, security and an experience like never before. Legal Documents Asiana Nepal Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. is government authorized mountaineering Expedition, adventure peak climbing, trekking agency based in Kathmandu Nepal. It is registered under the government tourism department of Nepal and has valid license to operate trekking services in Nepal. The company is legally authorized to provide travel mountaineering expedition, trekking peak climbing, and trekking services by the Government of Nepal. Our company is listed as an active member of various tourism related organization in Nepal such as. Registered with the Government of Nepal, Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN), Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), Office of the Company Register, The Central Bank of Nepal (Nepal Rastra Bank) has authorized for transaction the foreign currencies, Kathmandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP) and Himalayan Rescue Association Nepal (HRA) do promise to our clients responsible and safety is guaranty for the clients and all units. Why select our company Asiana Nepal Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. as your travel companion? The tourists, travelers and adventure lovers who wish for some adventure and exploration in the land of Himalayas go for a Nepalese company for a number of reasons. While the primary benefit of travelers using the services of Nepalese company is to contribute to responsible tourism, other reasons are related to the advantage of the backpackers. Getting associated with our company you shall have the benefit of our extensive knowledge and experience regarding landscape, culture, tradition, areas of adventure, handling of logistics and many other issues. To be more precise the reasons are mentioned as follows.


Everest Climb South Side expedition fixed departure


Full Board Service Means:

Asiana Nepal Treks & Expedition offers Full Board Service up to Summit for our entire range of flagship Mountaineering Expeditions to all 7000m to 8000m peaks. Our Full Board service means that we will provide a Trekking service, an in-Base camp service and High camp service executed by your Sherpa Climbing Guide. All our Full Board clients will have a personal Sherpa Climbing guide exclusively dedicated to the client for the duration of the climb.

Our climbing Sherpa guide team will establish and secure climbing route in collaboration with other climbing teams participating on the route; Establish all high camps with camping equipment, provisions and oxygen and prepare high altitude food for his client; Assist his client on the route and ensure client safety and wellbeing on the route through guiding and negotiating the route access priorities at pace and schedule determined by clients’ physical condition and preferred pace; Ensure total commitment to the client in case of emergency with clients’ safety and well being as overriding priority.

High camp service for Full Board Service clients will consist of provision of all equipment necessary to fix the route, all camping equipment, fuel and food for high camps as well as oxygen provision, including mask and regulator and latest model of Poisk oxygen, Summit system of Mask regulators in quantities specified in your climbing itinerary as per height of Mountain.


Single person US $ 39,999 individually price

Group Size: Minimum 12 people required

Full Board Services Cost Included:

  • ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE: Pick up and drop off services for both international & domestic flights as per the itinerary
  • HOTEL ACCOMMODATION: 5 nights Hotel in Kathmandu one  double room with  breakfast basis
  • WELCOME DINNER: A welcome dinner with Office Staff in a typical Nepali restaurant in Kathmandu
  • TRANSPORTATION: Kathmandu to Base Camp to Kathmandu transportation cost for our  overall expedition crew for  the entire expedition and trekking
  • CLIMBING PERMIT: Expedition Royalty and Climbing Permit Charge by Nepal Government to climb Mount Everest expedition
  • ROUTE FIXING CHARGE:Everest summit route fixing charge
  • TRASH: Stool shipment and other garbage disposal fee
  • MEALS: Fresh Meals on full board (Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner) with Hot Drinks/ Tea/ Coffee/ fresh meat & fresh vegetable during the climbing and trekking days
  • LIAISON OFFICER: Government Liaison officer and his daily wages, equipment, food, insurance, and both way airfare
  • COOK AND KITCHEN HELPERS: Experienced and well-trained base camp cook, Camp-2 cook and Kitchen helpers
  • PORTERS:Porters up to the Kathmandu to Base Camp to Kathmandu and return from the base camp
  • STAFF WAGES: All wages, equipment, food, accommodation, and insurance for all staffs in trekking and expedition
  • MEMBER PERSONAL BAGGAGE:Maximum fifty kilograms per member as a personal baggage
  • BASE CAMP TENT:North face, Kailas, Red Fox or any other branded tent and each expedition member will have an individual tent available at the base camp
  • BASE CAMP EQUIPMENT:Dining tent, kitchen tent, toilet tent, hot shower tent, communication tent, mattress, pillow, table, chair, and  other required equipment
  • ELECTRICITY: Generator at the base camp and solar panel at C2 for light or charging any electronic devices
  • HEATER: Heater at the base camp for a member and staff
  • COMMUNICATION:Communication device like Satellite Phone & Willkie-Talkie in case of emergency.(USE PAY)
  • Portable Altitude Chamber (PAC) & Gamow Bag along with the comprehensive First Aid Kit.
  • Emergency Oxygen with regulator and mask while on mount Everest Expeditions.(USE PAY)
  • INTERNET AND CELL-PHONE: Internet service, satellite and cell-phone network available at the base camp (chargeable as per use)
  • MEDICAL SERVICE:HRA medical camp provides emergency medical services with certain charge
  • WEATHER FORECAST:Availability of the daily weather forecast during the entire expedition
  • OXYGEN:O2 Poisk oxygen 4 bottles allocated for member and 2 bottles for each climbing Sherpa
  • MASK AND REGULATOR: Will be provided Top Out or Summit mask regulator for each member and climbing Sherpa
  • BACKUP OXYGEN AND MASK REGULATOR: In case of emergencies, sufficient oxygen and mask regulator available at our base camp
  • HIGH ALTITUDE TENT:North Face, Kailas, Red Fox or any other branded tent from Base Camp to C1, C2, C3 and C4
  • GENERAL CLIMBING EQUIPMENT: EPI gas and gas burner, dynamic climbing rope, ice screws, snow shovel, snow bars, carabineers etc.
  • CLIMBING GUIDE (SHERPA) :One professional climbing Sherpa per member
  • CLIMBING SHERPA ALLOWANCE: Equipment that requires advance payment,daily wages, carrying bonus and summit bonus
  • EQUIPMENT ALLOWANCE FOR STAFF: Equipment allowance for Base Camp cook, camp two coo, and kitchen helpers
  • RESCUE INSURANCE: Helicopter rescue insurance for high altitude climbing guide, cook, and staff
  • Emergency Helicopter rescue arrangements,
  • FAREWELL DINNER: Farewell dinner with expedition staff in a Nepali typical restaurant with the cultural show in Kathmandu


Full Board Services Cost Excludes

  • International flight ticket, taxes and visas
  • Lunch & dinner, hotel after 5 nights in Kathmandu
  • Personal trekking & climbing equipment
  • All expenses of personal nature like bar bills, laundry, telephone etc.
  • Insurance for travel, accident, medical, emergency evacuation & lost baggage.
  • Applicable permit fee & custom fee for SAT phone, filming camera, communications – equipment (if brought)
  • Extra yak charge