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The Urus, the Ishinca, the Tocllaraju and the Ranrapalca are the most emblematic mountains of the Ishinca valley. You start climbing the Urus and the Ishinca as part of an acclimatization, then you end up climbing the Tocllaraju, the eighth highest mountain in the Cordillera Blanca. From the summits you can appreciate mountains such as the Copa, the Huantsan (K2 of the Andes), the Maparaju, San Juan, Ranrapalca, Ochapalca, Vallunaraju among other mountains.

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TIMING : 1 day of acclimatization + 7 Days on the mountains
ACTIVITY : Climbing
HIGHEST POINT : 6032 masl
GRADE : Moderate
RECOMMENDED DATES : June, July, August
RATIO : Urus and Ishinca 3:1 and Tocllaraju 2:1

DAY 1: Acclimatization day – Churup Lake (4450 masl).

We’ll leave from Huaraz city towards east, passing through villages as Unchus and Llupa, up to the place called Pitec (3860 msnm), where we have to pay the entrance fee at the Huascaran National Park control post, then start hiking in an ascending path, observing mountains as Huamashraju, Cashan and Shacsha also crop fields can be seen. This place houses a diversity of flora and fauna such as the wild duck, plants with healing properties and quenual tree forests. To reach this lake we have to climb rocks helped by a steady metal rope, ideal for those who love the adventure or take other path less challenging. Churup is a beautiful blue lake one of the most frequently visited, surrounded by Ichu grass, Quenual trees, wild flowers, etc. there´s also a smaller lake on the east side for those who want to continue hiking, both lakes are right below the mountain with the same name, then return to Huaraz city.

DAY 2: Huaraz – Pashpa (3400 masl) – Ishinca Base Camp (4350 masl).

We’ll leave from Huaraz city by van towards north, up to the Pashpa Village, where we’ll start the trekking, ascending through Ishinca Valley and reach the campsite in the same valley, with beautiful views of mountains such as Tocllaraju (6034 masl), Palcaraju (6274 masl) and Urus (5495 masl). About 5 to 6 hours.

DAY 3: Ishinca Base Camp – Urus Summit (5495 masl) – Ishinca Base Camp.

We’ll leave at dawn, ascending over the moraine and reach the ice, then start climbing up to the Summit, from where we have views of mountains as Tocllaraju (6034 masl), Ishinca (5530 masl), Palcaraju (6274 masl), Aquilpo (5751 masl), Vicos (5325 masl), Copa (6188 masl) and others, then descend to Base Camp. About 8 to 10 hours.

DAY 4: Ishinca Base Camp – Ishinca Summit (5530 masl) – Ishinca Base Camp.

We’ll leave at dawn ascending over the moraine, and reach the ice and start climbing up to the Summit from where we have spectacular views of mountains such as  Urus (5495 masl), Tocllaraju (6034 masl), Palcaraju (6274 masl) Ranrapalca (6132 masl), Ocshapalca (5881 masl), Huapi (5421 masl), Pucaranra (6147 masl), San Juan (5843 masl), Huantsan (6359 masl) and others, then descend to Base Camp. About 9 to 11 hours.

DAY 5: Rest Day.

This day the Mountain equipments are reviewed for the last ascent to the Tocllaraju.

DAY 6: Ishinca Base Camp – Tocllaraju Moraine Camp (5150 masl).

In our hike to Tocllaraju Moraine Camp, we’ll observe mountains as Urus (5495 masl), Palcaraju (6274 masl), Ishinca (4350 masl), Ranrapalca (6132 masl), Ocshapalca (5881 masl), Copa (6188 masl) and others. About 5 to 6 hours.

DAY 7: Tocllaraju Camp I – Tocllaraju Summit (6034 masl) – Ishinca Base Camp.

We’ll leave at dawn and climb up to the summit, from where we can observe mountains such as Aquilpo (5751 masl), Copa (6188 masl), Palcaraju (6274 masl), Ranrapalca (6132 masl), San Juan (5843 masl),  Huantsan (6359 masl) and others, then descend to Base Camp. About 8 to 10 hours.

DAY 8: Base Camp – Collon – Huaraz.

In our return to Collon village, our private van will be waiting to take us back to Huaraz city.


  PAX Service personal with tents Service without personal tents
     1         2995         2925
     2         1635         1565
     3         1595         1525
     4         1260         1190
     5         1260         1190
     6         1260         1190
     7         1260         1190
     8         1260         1190

* If you are the Leader of a group or you are a Mountain Guide, you will have special discounts.

** If you have a program of more than 8 days, write us and we will help you with the price for your program.

*** If you are a leader or Mountain Guide and you want to hire a service with shared tents, write us and we will make you a price.

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JIRKANDES EXPEDITIONS PERU offers you many alternatives to know the Huascaran National Park in the Cordillera Blanca and the Cordillera Huayhuash. According to your needs, JIRKANDES EXPEDITIONS PERU will make your expedition an unforgettable experience.


  • Pick up at Lima Airport (by our personal) and transfer to the bus station or Hotel. The taxi service must be paid by client. OPTIONAL.
  • Meals: Breakfast, box lunch (Picnic), lunch, afternoon tea and dinner during the expedition.
  • Private Transport: to different starting and ending point of the expedition.
  • Experienced Mountain Guides certified by the UIAGM/IFMGA.
  • Mountain Cook.
  • Porters
  • Donkey driver (muleter).
  • Donkeys
  • Camping equipment: Sleeping tents (OPTIONAL), Kitchen tents, Dinning tents, Bathroom tent, Mattress, practical table and chairs with backrest, etc.
  • Kitchen kit: Plates, pots, tea pot, frying pot, spoons, knife, cups, etc.
  • Huascaran National Park entrance fee.
  • Basic first aid kit.
  • One day hike (Acclimatization day – Churup or Willcacocha lake).
  • PACHAMANCA the last day of the expedition (typical food of the Peruvian Andes) courtesy of JIRKANDES EXPEDITIONS PERÚ.


  • Travel, personal, and medical insurance.
  • Personal clothing and equipment.
  • International flight.
  • Hotel (we can make reservations if clients want it so, extra payment).
  • Extra charge for luggages.
  • Reconfirmation of flights.
  • Food during stay in Huaraz city.
  • Sleeping bags.
  • Transport from Huaraz to Lima or Lima Huaraz.
  • Mountain equipment (it can be rented in Huaraz city).
  • Soft and alcoholic drinks.
  • Taxes