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Everest South Side Summit Climb with International Mountain Guides

We’ve been organizing Everest expeditions for over 35 years, and each year do our best to put together a strong team with compatible climbers and top notch western and sherpa guides and leaders. Since 2009, Eric has been ably assisted by IMG’s Greg Vernovage. We fill our trips, and thus can be picky; we’ve turned away many climbers whom we feel will not be a good fit with our program.

IMG has long been a leader in innovative climbing programs to the Himalayas. We were one of the very first companies to offer guided programs to Everest (1991), the first company to offer a stand-alone climb to the North Col (1994) and to 8000m (2001). We were one of the first companies to guide Shishapangma (1990) and Cho Oyu (1995), first to guide Khumbu Icefall as a stand-alone program (2000), first to offer the option of personal sherpa guides to climbers (2002), first successfully guided climb of Lhotse (2009), first with the Hybrid concept (2010), first to offer an Everest “Express” itinerary (2010), and the first to rappel an alternate route around the Hillary Step (2013).

With over 600 summits of 8000-meter peaks to our IMG credit, and 518 of them on Mount Everest, we are still never satisfied and continue to look for ways to improve our IMG Everest program. For 2019 we continue our tradition of innovation and attention to the details. We put in place first class logistics and staffing. We don’t cut corners. Our goal is to conduct the very best program that we can, at a fair price. We don’t think you will be disappointed.

—Eric Simonson and Greg Vernovage
IMG Himalayan Program Directors


The 2019 IMG climbers and trekkers will travel to Everest Base Camp in three separate teams, each led by IMG guides and sherpas and composed of a nice mix of climbers and trekkers. For 2019, we will be using helicopters from KTM to Lukla to help us stay on schedule with our trek to Everest Base Camp. Inclement weather can cause delays with use of the fixed wing flights, and by utilizing helicopters, we will have a much better chance of getting our Teams into Lukla for the start of our trek to EBC.

Lobuche Base Camp
Our Lobuche Base Camp strategy has been working great the last 9 years, and we’ll do it again in 2019 for the trekkers and climbers. Three nights of camping at Lobuche BC (with gorgeous day hiking in the area) provides for excellent acclimatization and means our climbers and trekkers will feel good when it’s time for them to move up to the Everest Base Camp! We’ll have our own sherpa cook team preparing meals at Lobuche BC to keep our team members healthy.

Everest Base Camps
We will have two separate (adjacent) base camps, one for the IMG Climbers, and one for our IMG Sherpa team. Each camp will have separate dining, toilet, shower, and kitchen facilities. In between the camps, we have our common meeting facility — the giant Eureka Military MGPTS tent, complete with 70,000 BTU military hazmat tent heater that runs outside the tent and pumps the heated air inside (so no danger of carbon monoxide). This is the place to be if you want to hang out in a carpeted and warmed environment, watch movies, read, work on the computer, make a phone call, or just socialize! We have good charging capacity with both 12v solar and backup generators. Wireless internet will be available at Base Camp (price TBD). In our Communication tent, we have a VHF radio base station and large antennas that let us talk with the South Col and all the way down to Pheriche. We subscribe our climbers and Sherpas to the service provided by the HRA Base Camp Medical Clinic so you have access to unlimited consultation with the HRA doctors.

Nothing is more important to health and morale on a long trip than good food. We have very experienced Lobuche BC, Everest BC, and Everest Camp 2 Sherpa cook teams. At Base Camp, they bake fresh bread, rolls, cakes, etc. on a daily basis. We receive regular deliveries of fresh fruit, vegetables, and meat to Base Camp in addition to staples purchased in Kathmandu and “goodies” brought from USA. We also include gluten free and vegan options (please advise if you have food issues). Most climbers will spend about two weeks at high altitude (over 6000m/20,000ft) during the course of the trip, when appetites really wane and life is truly miserable. We encourage climbers to choose their high-altitude food items at Base Camp from our food supply tent and bring the food up with you (the sherpa can assist), so you know exactly what you will be eating up high. For climbers, we also suggest that you bring from home about 10 pounds/5 kg of additional high altitude “lunch” snacks so you will have some food for high altitude that you know you can eat up high, when some people’s appetites become very sensitive.

Note on Dates

Dates are listed starting with the arrival day to Kathmandu to the arrival day back to Kathmandu from Lukla at the end of the trip.

The ending dates for the EBC Classic Trek, Sherpa Trek, and Lobuche Climb are FIXED, but you should add one contingency day in Kathmandu at the end, before flying home, in case of Lukla flight delay.

The ending dates for the C2, C3, Everest and Lhotse Climbs are FLEXIBLE, depending on weather and conditions. It would be prudent to add at least one week of contingency days to these itineraries. Normally climbers will reconfirm or change their homeward departure flights when you know exactly when the expedition is going to end for you (contact your travel agent from Everest BC). We plan to stay at Base Camp for climbing until approximately the end of May.

Classic Everest Climb with Sherpa Guide (1:1)

This is the program which the majority of our IMG climbers have done over the years and is perfect for the climber with previous experience on big mountains. This is a complete expedition: no cutting corners, nothing less than the finest support on the mountain and offering you the ultimate in flexibility to tailor your schedule to your personal needs. This program is led by IMG senior guide Greg Vernovage and Ang Jangbu Sherpa (both Everest summiters) and includes unlimited consultation with the IMG staff, consultation with the docs at the HRA BC Medical clinic, Icefall fees, all expedition food, communications, oxygen, Sherpa support, complete trek service, and total expedition logistics from Kathmandu to Kathmandu. You will be assigned a personal sherpa guide for the acclimatization rotations and summit attempts. IMG does not allow members to climb solo. Our itinerary includes staying at our custom Lobuche Peak base camp for great acclimatization hiking on the way to Everest BC at the beginning of the expedition, a subsequent ascent of Lobuche for further acclimatization and training prior to the first rotation on Everest, then two acclimatization rotations (one to C2 and one to C3) prior to the Everest summit bids. The goal is maximum practice and acclimatization before going high on Everest, for the best possible chance of success.

Expedition Organization and Leadership

International Mountain Guides (IMG)
IMG is the oldest and most respected high-altitude climbing service in the world and its three principals, Eric Simonson, Phil Ershler, and George Dunn, have led and organized hundreds of expeditions worldwide since 1975. IMG’s Himalayan mountaineering programs are organized and directed by Eric Simonson, one of the world’s premiere expedition organizers. Under his direction IMG has conducted over 60 Himalayan 8000 meter expeditions. His teams include a group of professionals and Sherpas who are the best in the business. Since 1990, over 600 IMG team members have summited the world’s classic 8,000-meter peaks, including Everest, Lhotse, Cho Oyu and Shishapangma.

IMG’s Everest Philosophy
IMG leads the way! Our goal is to minimize risk while helping as many members as possible reach their goal, and we invest in the logistics and manpower to make this possible. We will not sit back and let other teams do the work. Invariably, our IMG Sherpas are part of the rope fixing efforts and the first team to the summit, preparing the route for future summit bids. We value our reputation as one of the premiere international climbing companies. If you would like to join a world-class team on Everest, we encourage you to contact us to discuss your goals and qualifications for membership in the IMG Everest team!

Greg Vernovage, Ang Jangbu, IMG Coaches, and the IMG Sherpa Team
IMG’s leadership team is exemplary and multi layered, ensuring depth and continuity when a lot is going on! The overall Expedition Leader is Greg Vernovage, a Seven Summiter with successful ascents of Everest, Lhotse, and Cho Oyu. Greg has led many dozens of expeditions for IMG around the world, including 8 Everest Expeditions. He is supported on Everest by several additional IMG coaches from USA. Sharing leadership is Ang Jangbu Sherpa, who has worked on every IMG Himalayan program since 1991. Ang Jangbu Sherpa and his Nepal staff put together every year for IMG one of the very best Sherpa teams on the mountain. We are proud to have a group of Sherpas working for us who are among the best paid, best led, best equipped, and best trained in the business.

23 March 2019 Arrive Kathmandu
24 March 2019 Kathmandu
25 March 2019 Phakding
26 March 2019 Namche
27 March 2019 Namche
28 March 2019 Namche
29 March 2019 Phortse
30 March 2019 Pangboche
31 March 2019 Pheriche
01 April 2019 Pheriche
02 April 2019 Lobuche BC
03 April 2019 Lobuche BC
04 April 2019 Lobuche BC
05 April 2019 Everest BC
06 April 2019 Everest BC
07 April 2019 Everest BC
08 April 2019 Lobuche BC
09 April 2019 High camp
10 April 2019 Summit day
11 April 2019 Back to EBC
12 April 2019 Everest BC
13 April 2019 Everest BC
14 April 2019 Everest BC
15 April 2019 Everest BC
16 April 2019 Camp 1
17 April 2019 Camp 1
18 April 2019 Camp 2
19 April 2019 Camp 2
20 April 2019 Return
21 April 2019 Everest BC
22 April 2019 Everest BC
23 April 2019 Everest BC
24 April 2019 Everest BC
25 April 2019 Everest BC
26 April 2019 Camp 2
27 April 2019 Rest
28 April 2019 Camp 3 sleep
29 April 2019 Camp 2
30 April 2019 Everest BC
01 May 2019 Everest BC
02 May 2019 Everest BC
03 May 2019 Everest BC
04 May 2019 Everest BC
05 May 2019 Camp 2
06 May 2019 Camp 2
07 May 2019 Camp 3
08 May 2019 Camp 4
09 May 2019 Summit
10 May 2019 Camp 2
11 May 2019 Everest BC
12 May 2019 Everest BC
13 May 2019 Contingency
14 May 2019 Contingency
15 May 2019 Contingency
16 May 2019 Contingency
17 May 2019 Contingency
18 May 2019 Contingency
19 May 2019 Contingency
20 May 2019 Contingency
21 May 2019 Contingency
22 May 2019 Contingency
23 May 2019 Contingency
24 May 2019 Contingency
25 May 2019 Contingency
26 May 2019 Contingency
27 May 2019 Contingency
28 May 2019 Contingency
29 May 2019 Contingency
30 May 2019 Contingency
31 May 2019 Contingency
01 June 2019 Pheriche
02 June 2019 Namche
03 June 2019 Lukla
04 June 2019 Kathmandu

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2 Reviews

IMG with Expedition Lead Greg Vernovage RULE

Year of Expedtion: 2017

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IMG classic Everest trip is THE safe, economical, professional way to climb Mt Everest. Every climber screened by IMG to ensure a good/safe/strong group of climbers, too

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1 Reviews

Lifelong dream come true with the most respected guide service on Everest

Year of Expedtion: 2016

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I chose IMG for one reason, I wanted to return safely. IMG was referred to me on that basis, and they proved their reputation. They delivered me safely home through the 2015 earthquake, and again in 2016 when I was fortunate to summit, relying on their considerable expertise in every detail. Expedition leader, Greg Vernovage, and his team, both in Nepal, and in the U.S., have many, many years of combined experience that not only helps keep IMG members safe, but many others, as well. In both 2015 and 2016, many of the other respected teams looked to IMG for answers during critically important times. When there’s a “cluster”, you’ll be happy you chose IMG!

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1 Reviews

IMG are the best

Year of Expedtion: 2015

View All


IMG are phenomenal guides. The safety, professionalism, preparation, and extra-mile effort shown by this group is constantly good, but was especially on display during the 2015 earthquake. IMG essentially backboned the medical and evacuation efforts of all basecamp and climbers. Can’t speak more highly of everyone there especially Greg Vernovage, Jangbu Sherpa and all staff.

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Q Why should I climb Mt. Everest with IMG?

We know we're not the cheapest deal around, and we don't want to be. We spend more providing the best personnel, equipment, logistics and safety measures — things that many lower-cost programs cannot afford and do not have. We don't cut corners. As you shop around, consider the following:

IMG guides are professionals and are great teachers as well as strong climbers. All have done numerous high-altitude expeditions, including the Himalaya. Our clients enjoy the immense benefit of a core group that has climbed together extensively, producing a team that knows how to work well together. We do not think you will find any other Everest climbing or trekking programs that will be led or staffed by persons of the caliber we field. We challenge you to try!

IMG always complies with all local, state, federal, and international regulations for the countries in which we climb. This includes proper visas and climbing permits, full insurance and equipment for our guides and Sherpa support teams, and complete adherence to all environmental regulations. Our clean business record allows us to operate with full liability insurance. All client funds are deposited in a regulated trust account. We take our business seriously!

IMG Sherpas are top-notch. We hire the same great Sherpas every year, we treat them with respect, we pay them well and they like working with our teams. Most of them have been on many climbs with us over the years and many of them have multiple Everest summits. Our enthusiastic cooks do a great job, and our menus are well considered. It makes a difference!

IMG trek itineraries are longer than most others offered on the market. We know how to acclimatize properly and we don't rush. Unlike most other teams, we actually take our trekkers to Base Camp and invite them to stay there for several days as members of an expedition team. If you want to trek Nepal to Everest Base Camp, go with a team that actually gives you a real chance to fully experience it!

During summit bids, we have Sherpas who carry oxygen to the Balcony and return to the South Col to wait in reserve in case of emergency up high. This is an important safety aspect — having climbers ready at the South Col for support.

IMG brings advanced technology to the mountain. Solar power at Base Camp quietly supports our satellite communications, allowing us to maintain excellent emergency contact capabilities and keep friends and family informed of our progress during the long weeks away from home. IMG will post regular internet dispatches from all of our teams on our website during the expedition.