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In spring 2018 I had the amazing experience of climbing Mount Everest together with Furtenbach Adventures. In short – it was marvelous. Previous to the trip I have done quite a lot of research on different providers and options. And as you are probably aware, there are many in the market. In retrospective, I must say that it was just fantastic. Lukas Furtenbach and his team are doing an outstanding job. - Pre-trip organization: It was just perfectly organized. There were continuous updates that gave full transparency and clarity on progress and planning. It was just so easy to follow, and not even one moment of doubt or ambiguity. - Pre-acclimatization: The pre-acclimatization at home was definitely worth it. Especially when climbing from the north side, where you arrive in the base camp quite quickly. Nobody of the team had any problems with the altitude. We arrived in basecamp and were extremely fit and felt great! When I looked at other camps the picture was quite worse at some points – lots of suffering and illness. - Base camp: The base camp is just fantastic. The tents are great, ranging from the supreme, heated living room tent, to the cozy dining tent, shower tent, our private sleeping tents – all perfect. The food and kitchen were astonishing. The kitchen team provided excellent food (up to 7000m actually), snacks and drinks were available all the time and everywhere. Like living in a giant supermarket with a personal chef. - Climbing: We were doing 3 rounds in total which shown to be super effective. First round was to ABC (for two days), second to 7300m and third to summit and back. The approach ensured that nobody of the team felt sick at all. While the moving days were given, I was quite happy that everybody was able to walk on his on (slower or faster than the others). There was always a possibility to get accompanied by a Sherpa (or Rupert) which gave us all the feeling of safety and freedom at all times. Overall, it was astonishing. The team is absolute great, super nice, funny and helpful at all times. Rupert (our guide) did an outstanding job – an absolute dream team with the Sherpas. Feel free to contact me in case of questions. Best Michael Lutz ([email protected])

$ 1,311.70 - $ 1,752.61