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Namas Adventure is a premier adventure activity service provider specialising in hand picked adventure activities with trekking, climbing, motocross and expeditions to the peaks. We aim to provide the best adventure tours around the globe. What makes us different is also our commitment to higher standard of service, responsible, ethical and sustainable tourism. All of Namas adventure activities are lead by experienced IMFGA / NMA certified professional leaders (Treks and Peaks). Our treks, any where in the world are always lead by experienced certified locally trained guides. Our trekking guides have an average of 10+ years of leading guiding experience with deep understandings of the local network, culture and terrains. Our motocross and mountain bike tours are lead by passionate and highly experience professional leaders who wants to share their love for enduro to our adventure enthusiast travellers and travel together on great adventures. Our expeditions are lead by Professional Sherpa leaders and professional expedition leaders (qualified to IFMGA standard). As of 2018/19, we have started with mountain expeditions below 7000M. During Autumn season some of our expeditions are lead by Everest summited Sherpa veteran leaders who has the right knowledge and experience to guarantee highly experienced guidance to achieve higher rate of summit success for our clients. When considering the demands of the trip, we select the best and most appropriate leader for the task. Our central aim is to help you attain your personal adventure/expeditions goals while experiencing the best of our planet, its unique cultures and environments. We aim to offer the highest quality adventure tours and expeditions at a great value while focusing on our primary goals: safety, success, enjoyment of your adventurous holiday and recreation. We hire only the best leaders and we don’t cut corners on costs. Our adventures and expeditions strive to set the highest standards. We prioritise the wellbeing and safety of our teams, being responsible to the environments we operate in, respecting culture, contributing to local economies by employing regional partners and paying them higher than the industry standard or influencing higher pay when we feel the market has underpaid the working staffs and working in a self-sufficient and self-reliant way. We promote a sustainable/responsible approach to adventure travel by connecting people to the natural world and giving back to local communities. At Namas we take great pride in all our adventure tours and expeditions and work hard to provide the highest standard of service to all our clients and bring together a happy team with the highest of standards. OUR VISION At Namas we aspire to become world’s most trusted, thought provoking and purpose led travel brand. WHY NAMAS ADVENTURE? Our Operating Values Commitment to highest quality adventure services Customer safety, well being and enjoyment of adventure tours is our outmost priority Implement responsible and sustainable practices Hiring the best climbing and trekking guiding leader Creating unique enjoyable experiences Use of highest quality equipments and gears on all treks and expeditions Provide Individualised service Giving back initiative through charities and volunteering tours Sharing our passion of outdoor adventure and expeditions Driving change that benefits the society and environment