20  Days

$ 4,270.00 - $ 5,090.00

20  Days

$ 4,270.00 - $ 5,090.00

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Revenge after 7 years, perfect teamwork

Year of Expedtion: 2019

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From the first day we met our guide Adrian Demaria we knew that this would be a great expedition. It’s a pretty easy mountain technically, but it’s a harsh environment. The altitude is your main concern on this mountain. So the reason we had a guide is not only to get us up, but get us down safely again. Adrian was perfect for our small private expedition. This way we were not depending on other expedition members to go up. I think that’s one challenge on this mountain, if you go in a group, there’s a lot of difference in skills and experience. This time we could have influence on all choices, but Adrian kept us safe all the time. Really enjoyed it!

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