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Cho Oyu with SummitClimb

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At 8,201 metres (26,906 feet), Cho-Oyu is the 6th highest mountain on the planet. It is considered to be one of the easiest and most accessible 8,000m peaks. Cho-Oyu is an excellent choice for people looking to climb there first 8,000m peak or to prepare for Mt. Everest. The amazing views, Tibetan culture, and easy climbing on Cho-Oyu make for a perfect big mountain objective.


1) Arrive in Kathmandu, 1,350 metres (4,429 feet). Our staff will meet you at the airport. Stay at hotel.
2) Take passport to Chinese embassy for visa. Complete final logistics, orientation, purchasing, and packing. Stay at hotel.
3) Early morning drive to Rusuwaghadi at 2,557 metres(8,389 feet). Stay at hotel.
Lhasa option: Fly from Kathmandu to Lhasa or if you are coming from a city in China, arrive in Lhasa on this day.
4) Enter Tibet, drive to Gyirong at 2,700 metres (8,858 feet). Stay at hotel.
Lhasa option: Rest in Lhasa, tour Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple.
5) Rest & acclimatization in Gyirong. Walk around the local hills. Stay in hotel.
Lhasa option: Drive to Shigatse. Rest and acclimate, Visit the 15th century Tashilunpo Monastery.
6) Drive to Tingri, 4,300 meters (14,107 feet). Stay at hotel.
7) Rest and acclimatization in Tingri. Stay at hotel.
8) Drive to Chinese Base, 4,900 metres (16,076 feet). Camp.
9) Rest and acclimatization in Chinese base. Organize equipment and supplies. Camp
10) Walk to interim-camp at 5,100 metres (16,732 feet).
11) Walk to advanced base camp at 5,600 metres (18,373 feet).
12) Rest and Acclimatization, training, and organization at advanced base camp
13) Walk to camp 1 at 6,200 metres (20,341 feet), return to advanced base camp.
14) Rest in advanced base camp
15) Walk to camp 1.
16) Walk to Camp 2 at 6,700 metres (21,982 feet). Return to advanced base camp.
17) Rest in advanced base camp.
18) Rest in advanced base camp.
19) Walk to camp 1.
20) Walk to camp 2.
21) Walk to camp 3 at 7,400 metres (24,278 feet), then return to advanced base camp.
22) Rest in advanced base camp
23) Rest in advanced base camp
24) Rest in advanced base camp
25) Walk to camp 1
26) Walk to camp 2
27) Walk to camp 3
28) Summit attempt
29) Summit attempt
30) Summit attempt
31) Summit attempt
32) Summit attempt, descend to camp 2
33) Descend to advanced base camp, pack and prepare to depart.
34) Yaks transport equipment, supplies and rubbish to Chinese base. Members walk down.
35) Drive to Gyirong. Stay at hotel.
36) Drive to Kathmandu. Stay at hotel.
37) Finish packing, celebration, saying goodbye to new friends. Stay at hotel
38) Fly home. Thank you for joining our Cho Oyu Expedition


Our full-service expedition includes:
  • British, American, or European leader/coordinator
  • Expert Sherpa from Nepal
  • Transportation and equipment carriage from Kathmandu to base camp and back
  • Three meals each day outside of Kathmandu
  • Private tents in basecamp. Tents will be shared on trek and above basecamp
  • Full base camp with dining tent, showers, bathroom, and solar charger
  • Two nights stay in Kathmandu hotel on arrival and two nights prior to departure in a shared double room. Single rooms are available for a small additional fee.
  • Equipment checking and assistance with purchase and hire of all personal equipment, clothing, boots etc.
  • Airport Transfer
  • Our basic service expedition includes:
  • British, American, or European leader/coordinator
  • All internal / domestic flights (weather dependent), buses, jeeps, and porters
  • Transportation and person equipment (boots, climbing equipment, climbing) carriage from Kathmandu to base camp and back
  • Three meals each day and accommodations while traveling to/from base camp
  • Permit fees and liaison officers
  • Group emergency equipment and satellite phone
  • Two nights stay in Kathmandu hotel on arrival and two nights prior to departure in a double room. Private rooms are available for a small additional fee.
  • Airport Transfer
  • Other services may be added for an additional cost.
  • Add on High Attitude Support 
  • Private Sherpa (personal guide/porter) – Carries up to 10 kg (22bs) of your personal equipment, climbs with you, melts water, cooks, and will be with you every step of the way.
  • Personal equipment carriage service – Sherpa carry up to 10kg (22lbs) of personal equipment up and down the mountain between camps
  • Oxygen: You should consider whether or not you wish to use supplemental oxygen, which is optional on Cho-Oyu. Approximately half of our member choose to use oxygen.We recommend a three bottle set for Cho-Oyu. The price includes three large 4 litre Russian Oxygen bottles, mask, regulator, hoses, as well as carriage to the high camps by porters. Extra bottles are available for an additional fee. We have a 30% buy-back policy on masks, regulators, and unused oxygen bottles in good condition.Oxygen supplies may be purchased separately. The same buy-back policy applies. The following may be purchased individually:
  • Mask and Hoses which are guaranteed to be in proper working order and match the bottles and regulator.
  • Regulator for high-altitude oxygen bottle
  • 4 litre Russian Oxygen bottle for high-altitude climbing
  • Exclusions

  • International flights to/from Kathmandu
  • Mountain climbing rescue and travel insurance
  • Personal climbing/trekking equipment and clothing
  • Nepalese visa
  • Gratuities for staff
  • Oxygen (available upon request)
  • Add an exotic and historical trip to the ancient Tibetan city of Lhasa. $2,450
  • Tibet Visa (Must be obtained at the Kathmandu China Embassy
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    Cho Oyu
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