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Whether you’ve always dreamt about climbing the big mountains, but never had the chance to truly commit to the sport, are an avid hiker and mountain lover, or maybe you have tried high-altitude mountain climbing a couple of times, absolutely loved it and now want more, we promise you a mountaineering experience of a lifetime – with lots of learning and growing as an up and coming mountaineer! Our professional team and mountain guides will create the perfect stepping-stone experience for you in order to help you reach your goals within the sport through not only technical and physical training, but also through inner work focused on you reaching your full potential when in the mountains. This trip will take you higher than most people have ever been, with the Cayambe summit at 18,996 ft. (5.790 m.) being the ultimate goal. Soon you will feel the summit stoke of The Magical Andes!


Day 1

Arrival day. Our guides will pick you up at the Quito airport at 9,500 ft (2.896 m.) and transfer you to your lodge where we will be staying these first two days: An intimate, beautiful, family-run lodge located on the slopes of the Ilaló volcano in one of the lush valleys in the outskirts of Quito.

Day 2

We will spend the morning climbing at some local rock walls in order to prepare a bit of rope technique and climbing skills for the upcoming climbs. In the afternoon we will visit the interactive Middle of The World museum in Quito, where you can experience the powerful forces of being exactly at the equator. We will be back at our lodge for dinner, some rest and a short briefing about Pasochoa for the next day.

Day 3

Today we will go on an acclimatization hike to the summit of Pasochoa at 13,779 ft. (4.200 m,). Pasochoa is a beautiful inactive volcano a few hours from Quito. This hike will help us acclimate and stay in shape for the coming climbs. After Pasochoa we will drive south and rest at a different lodge close to Los Ilinizas and The Cotopaxi National Park. This is another beautiful and cozy lodge located nearer to the big mountains. Here we will have dinner and get a briefing about Rumiñahui, which we will set out for the following day.

Day 4

Today we will do another beautiful acclimatization hike with a bit of scrambling in the end. We are heading towards the northern summit of Rumiñahui’s three dramatic peaks, which is a climb to 15,489 ft (4.721 m.). Rumiñahui is located inside of the Cotopaxi National Park and the mountain is right in front of the stunning Cotopaxi volcano. So, if the weather allows it, prepare for some epic views! After climbing we will return to our lodge to rest.

Day 5

Today we will rest so we are ready for the big mountains ahead of us the following days. We will stay at the lodge where you will receive an on-ground mountaineering class, so you are more than ready for the giants! In the afternoon we will also engage in a guided yoga practice with emphasis in stretching, releasing tension and relaxing, followed by a guided Pranayama session focusing on breathwork in order to perform optimally in the mountains.

Day 6

We will enjoy a slow morning of another guided yoga session with emphasis on awakening our muscles and the nervous system, which is s good preparation for today’s hike to the Ilinizas refuge and tomorrow’s climb towards the top. After preparing our bodies and minds we will drive towards the Ilinizas mountains, where we will hike until the refuge located in between the two peaks at 15,416 ft. (4.700 m.). Here we will rest, marvel at the stunning scenery and spend the night before attempting the summit of Iliniza Norte the next day.

Day 7

We will get an early breakfast before setting out for the summit of Iliniza Norte at 16,818 ft. (5.126 m.) On clear mornings we will have breathtaking views of Iliniza Sur and Cotopaxi in the distance. The climb is an easy scramble and will help us acclimate for the very high altitudes ahead. After climbing Iliniza Norte we will drive up north to relax at a beautiful hacienda close to the Cayambe volcano.

Day 8

Today we will drive to the foot of the stunning Cayambe volcano. From here we will hike up to the glacier where you will be practicing glacier climbing skills. After the Glacier School we will hike back down to the Cayambe refuge, rest and spend the night here at 15,092 ft. (4.600 m.).

Day 9

Today we will hike up to the glacier and continue practicing our skills with another day of Glacier School. After practicing we will hike back down to the refuge and from here we will drive back down to a beautiful hacienda in the town of Cayambe. Here we will get some proper rest at lower altitude and prepare our gear before going back up the mountain tomorrow.

Day 10

Today we will rest at the beautiful hacienda and enjoy a guided yoga session with emphasis on stretching and unwinding after some strenuous days on the Cayambe glacier followed by a Pranayama session to help us perform optimally in the high altitudes. We will also train our theoretical mountaineering skills by engaging in an on-ground mountaineering class led by our guides.

Day 11

We will enjoy a slow morning of guided yoga with emphasis on awakening our muscles and the nervous system without tiring our muscles. We will also engage in a small shamanic ritual of The Andes in order to honor the path and the nature externally as well as within. This will help prepare us for tonight’s summit attempt. After yoga we will drive back up the mountain and hike to the refuge. Here we will rest until around midnight, where we will start our summit attempt.

Day 12

We will start our summit attempt around midnight from the refuge. With the moonlight and our headlamps paving the way in the darkness, we will climb for around 5-7 hours before reaching the top at 18,996 ft. (5.790 m.) and then descending for around 2 hours back to the refuge. After climbing Cayambe we will drive back to the lodge in the warm valleys of Quito.

Day 13

Extra summit day

Day 14

End of trip, we will say our goodbyes after an amazing adventure together.


  • Technical climbing equipment (harness, helmet, crampons, boots, ice-axe)
  • Certified, English-speaking ASEGUIM guides for each ascent
  • 4x yoga and breathwork classes
  • 2x On-Ground Mountaineering classes
  • 2x Glacier school sessions
  • 9-10 nights in double rooms at lodges and haciendas
  • 3-4 nights in shared rooms at mountain refuges
  • All National Park Fees and Climbing Permits
  • Transport and access to all mentioned adventures
  • Airport Transfers
  • 13x breakfasts, 12x lunches / box lunches, 13x dinners
  • All mentioned activities
  • Exclusions

  • Airfare
  • Travel Insurance (required)
  • Tips
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    Summit Stoke
    South America
    5,790 m / 18,996 ft
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    4,721 m / 15,489 ft
    0.025 N°, -77.9892 E°